A Hopeless Romantic's Story.....

Although, many on-line sites claim they can maximize your chances of finding that one special person through a multi area, computerized analysis of "like" qualities, it soon became apparent that on line dating was just another method for people to meet. On line dating does not hold mystical methods of finding someone but for me, it was the method to which I found the love-of-my life:)!!!
Before I began this process, I dedicated several years learning about myself, growing spiritually,researching the dynamics of relationships and decluttering my life so when this special man came into my life, I could offer him a positive attitude, respect and be able to give my on going focus to our relationship.
Prior to posting my profile, I educated myself on the do's and don'ts of on-line dating (which I recommend to insure maximizing your safety and minimize uncompatible matches). During my self awareness days, I realized, at this point of my life (late 40's) I chose to date men whose children were at least 16 yrs old or did not have children and lived within 25 miles of my home as well as I was looking to develop a longterm relationship.
I was able to sift through the inquires that had other intentions via emailing. After two weeks of emailing with one gentleman we arranged to meet in a public place. We dated for awhile. I cared for him but he had other responsibilities that took his attention away from the relationship and this was not what I was looking for. Actually, it was the time of spiritual growth that I gained awareness and believe-it- or- not my message came through the first Sex In The City Movie. I wanted the kind of love that Mr. Big demonstrated when he went to Paris to get Carrie. The next day I was back to the on line site with an updated profile as the Hopeless Romantic I am.
It was at this time a gentleman caught my eye. I was a little hesitant. I went to his profile several times trying to get up the nerve to contact him and then at one of these visits he contacted me! Fast forward to these past 4 wonderful years, which we have fallen in love and grown together. Although, I was eager to join our lives together, my time of learning about love and relationships kept my agenda to myself and honor his timeframe. With all this said, I am thrilled to announce we will be joining our lives together in the very near future and this Hopeless Romantic is very grateful and happy:)
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Thank you Philazcom. Although we are at different stage in our journey, it appears we are on a similar path:)

What a beautiful story! Wish more people will be blessed by this. He is a very blessed man.