By A Long Shot

When I was just a freshman in high school my friend Yana and I would always talk about her current boy toy of the moment, She had a habit of meeting alot of random guys online and she would swear to me she was in love with a different one every week. Well she met a guy named Pedro aka Peter and talked to him for months. When were changing classes one day, I was going to gym and she was going to History. Her phone had been disconneted and she wanted to text Pedro while she was in class, I had just got my phone and really didn't want to offer it to her. She asked for it and I figured it may be safer with her than in the gym locker room so I let her use it. Well a few weeks later I recieve a text message from some strange number asking me to tell Yana, Pedro's phone had been disconnected. It was from Pedro's friend Jarrell. I told him I would let Yana know and I saved the number just incase she wanted it.( Yana and I lived in Virginia, Pedro and Jarrell lived in Florida.) Well about two weeks went by and I just continued to listen to Yana talk about Pedro. It was Easter and I sent a message to everyone in my phone saying what other than "Happy Easter!" I not realizing it sent one to Jarrell, He replied and since I had nobody to talk to we started chatting. We started texting each other all day...Everyday. After a few weeks of getting to know each other we finally talked to each other on the phone. I loved the sound of his voice. He was my best friend. I talked to him about everything. Well that summer my family moved to North Carolina and I was devestated. And by that time I was completly crushing on Jarrell. And to my suprise he felt the same way. On June 17th 2009 he aske me 'out', And we started dating...I won't bore you with silly details. June 15 2010 Jarrell rode a train from Florida to North Carolina to be with me. And now it is 2012 and we are married, and have a two month old daughter:)
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Great story good luck to you both . Bless