They Say Dreams Come True

I've never really met you, though I've seen your face,
so tell me why do I always dream that you are here in this place?
I long to hold you and just give you a kiss.
If you are not online, another day I miss.
We seem so right for each other. It's just not fair.
I'm living my life here, and you are over there.
If only our situations could just change and one day we could meet...
but as always I walk alone along the empty street,
always looking for you, just a sign,
to let me know that you are here and will be always mine.
But no such luck, it's always just a dream,
every night of you and what my life could mean...
They say dreams come true, but I wonder if mine will....
adamw adamw
36-40, M
May 18, 2012