My Ep Romance...(part 1)

How do I begin…Well it all started 4 1/2 months ago, when I like most EP members was searching for others who could identify with my specific interest and issues, you know, those topics that are not readily discussed with friends or family. Everyone believed me to be the settled one, completely content as a party of one and to be honest, I was. I’ve had a trail of broken relationships with men that had just turned my heart into stone. Don’t get me wrong, I was never the wicked witch to anyone, but I had convinced myself that letting a man into my life was not an option for me until…

It all started in January when I received a personal message from a young man who liked a story I just written about regret and possibility. With me being a newbie to any social network, I had no idea how this thing all worked or even why I was getting comments, fans and messages. Lol ( totally clueless)

I thanked him for his appreciation of my story and true to form, I quickly shooed him off. The next morning I received another message asking how my day was going, then another that evening wishing me sweet dreams. That continued for a week until I said to myself, this is a really nice guy and he deserves a really nice girl in his life! So I was on a mission to set him up with some nice young lady on EP who I thought would appreciate his qualities.

So our conversations began. I asked him to send me pics of him that I would personally choose that I thought woman would like to see… like eyes, smile and style that he should post to his profile. The more we corresponded the more we found we had in common. Every sentence was like OMG, me too! Our conversations went from good mornings and good nights to 18 hours of non stop yahoo IM’s 7 days a week! We never had a dull moment and I opened up to him so effortlessly until one day he said, “I think you know who I want to partner with”. My mind was spinning, everything within me was saying no way, but instantly what came to mind was my first story on EP, looking for the right person for the right reasons and he fit all those qualifications.

Now to fast forward… He lives in the UK and I live in the US, there was no way we would ever hook up! lol.. I picked him up from the airport on May 11th and we had the most amazing 2 ½ weeks of my life!! He was such a gentleman, so kind and patient with me. I hadn’t been emotionally or physically evolved with anyone in almost 9 years. We talked and laughed and snuggled for hours. He was so romantics and dare I say a fantastic lover! I’m totally smitten!!

Today is a bitter sweet day for me, as I write this he is currently on a flight back home. We plan for me to visit him before the end of the year but I miss him already.

Honestly, I don’t know how long we will last but what I can say is that he has restored my hope in love and relationship.

Thank you Baby… You mean the world to me and I will never forget you and the time we shared.

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I envy him.

great story and very happy that you found such a great guy on here. I am from the uk and its good that one of my fellow brits has looked after you and treated you with the respect you deserve. I hope all goes well for you in the future and when you come to england i hope you enjoy yourself in our green and pleasant land. Ps gorgeous pic your stunning :)

That sound so sweet i hope my on line realationship ends up like the one you have. I meet my man on pof he is deployed in Kuwait. We Skype When we can.he send me nice gifts and makes me feel good inside. He is very Great man .

Missinnya, it sounds like you already have a relationship like mine. If your man is making you feel that wonderful inside and he's thousands of miles away such as mine, well when you to do come together it will be absolutely beautiful!! I wish you and he all the best. Please keep in touch, I would love to hear about your happy ever after. : )

I will keep in touch i think we do have something great going on but somé times i second quess it not because of him , but because i think how can someone fall for someone they never meet in person. But am a beliver now cause it happen to me . I Just get so scared When we miss a day of not talking or Skype. But he wk so hard 15 ,,,16 hrs a day in the heat so some times i feel so bad for him but some times i think to hard but am going to hang in there for my Andre cause he adore me and i think he is the best that had ever happen to me.

i just happened to trip over your story. so? what happened after he went home?

Hi daguid, so you need details?! lol Well we are doing fantastic! He's been back since i've written this story and he will coming again in a few months. We are engaged now and I'm so in love. You should check out the part 2 of this story and "Love no matter the difference" under Dave342. Yeah, he's on EP too, that's how we met. :)

REALLY?? YAY for U and him! yay, yay, YAY! woof, woof, WOOF!!!
Good Luck to the both of U.
plz do me a favor? don't make that poor fella, nutso' crazy.
do U actually think that he walks around with that, "clueless look" on purpose?

You are so very lucky! Great story!

Thank you sweetie! I am a lucky woman. :)

To the person who sent me a thank you for my story, I would like to thank you as well for appreciating my experience Kisses

Loved your story, thank u so much for sharing it :)

Baby, you are the luckiest

@PenPalLove. I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks! :)

What a wonderful story! I hope you two meld your lives is too short to not be thrilled by a great love..

Thank you johnnysngorgeous! We are doing all we can to make our dream a reality. :)

awwwww!! Holy sh#t that was a beautiful and romance story I ever read on this site. I wished i have that! Just to see the guy I fell in love with on here....One day it would happen. But that's so beautiful!! =] =] <br />
<br />
I hope there a part 2!! And you go girl!! =] Get your man! =)

Hi Monsterbunny17. Thank you for your encouragement and I hope you find that special person as well. Just remember...keep your eyes and heart open, it can happen in an instant. Good luck to you and best wishes. : )

Thank you Msknozit...yes he definately does it for me! So how are you and your young man doing, are you releasing your inhibition too? lol

Who says I have! I've always been real clear about my needs and I never settle! ;)

Girl, woman our age don't have too settle...we should know what we want by now. ;)

So happy for you! You deserve some happiness in your life, and if this UK living, young man does it for you, support it. Release your inhibitions...

Hey Msknozit, hows it going? Thank for the support and i look forward to finally meeting you when im back in town in Nov. I so cant wait to get back and be with my beautiful hunni bun again. Didnt you read my story too?