Sketchy Way Of Meeting Someone Amazing..buuut..

One boring day I decided to derp around on Omegle.
I decided to do the video chat of course :D
But, yeah. I kept clicking through and getting "nexted."
Until someone popped up.
I decided to stay for some reason.
We had a decent conversation and I told him I thought he was attractive.
Well, we took our friendship over to Facebook and a few days later I sent him a message.
We talked more about things and realized we had more in common than we do with most people, and found ourselves wanting to open up to each other.
Well, so, this went on, and eventually, there was an attraction.
One day, he told me he thought he was in love with me.
I realized that feeling was mutual.
All of this took place in March/April and the first little bit of May.
I came back distraught one day to find he had deactivated his facebook.
THANKFULLY, we had gotten into texting, so we texted. Until mid-May.
He fell silent.
I found myself more depressed than usual. Quite numb to be exact.
My best friend couldn't help or anything.
Then.. one day.
I received a message on facebook from him.
"Computer's broke. Phone's broke. Hold on hope. our love will never die."
That's when I realized he didn't abandon me.
That was at the end of June.
I had finally had enough of me being numb last Friday.
I pulled out my old phone (I had to change my number.)
And got his number off of it and texted him.
No response.
I left my office to go do errands around town.
I also went to visit my grandmother in the Nursing Home.
I left there and noticed I had two unread texts.
Every emotion hit me at once when I saw one was from him.
I cried. I panicked. I laughed. I smiled.
I didn't know what I was feeling.
I was also in the middle of driving, and shaking.
(I do not condone texting while driving.)
I had gotten him back.
That was last Friday.
That Saturday we stayed up until 6am texting.
I honestly don't know what I would be feeling had he not texted back.
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2012

I met one of the best people I know on omegle. Well actually he's something more than a friend. We've known each other for quite a long time, about three years by now. It was omegle, then emails, facebook and finally whatsapp. Three years texting every day, every evening and late night and then we decided to meet, it was just curiosity and interest, nothing more. We couldn't believe it was happening for real, I remember I kept thinking things like 'this is not something normal people do, this is really weird, what the hell am I doing? I don't even know this guy...but then...I do know this guy, I know him so well and so does he. I know him, I've known him for a long time." We live pretty far: he's from the Uk, I'm from Italy. He came here, I went to the airport and all I could think of was 'don't be silly, run away/don't be silly, it's him." Well, we stayed together for 9 days, he flew back to the Uk last Saturday. I still don't know what happened, it's not easy for me to say I'm in love with someone, but I really feel like I am. I'm in plenty of different moods at the same time but there's one thing I know for sure, and that's that I'm going to see him again, and the words he said when he left made me feel incredibly good and bad, he said: "remember, this is not a goodbye. I'm going to see you very soon."<br />
I've never felt as happy and sad at the same time, but we're still talking and he hasn't changed his mind.<br />
And this all still sounds a lot weird, but it's great.

Awe! I'm happy :3
Mine is only two states above me.

I only get to talk to him on weekends, which makes it all the better.
I can understand why you were cautious. Sketchy site is sketchy.
I hope everything works out for you, and keep my updated, pretty please :D

thats great ... wish i had someone to text like that. Congrats :)