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About 2 1/2 years ago a random stranger in another state sent me a friend request, I accepted. He sent me a message saying wassup, I gladly answered back and from there we ended up really clicking. I gave him my number, so when he called me we talked from 11pm until 8 am! We instantly hit it off, it was like we knew each other so well.

After talkin for a couple of months we decided to meet each other, face to face. When we saw each other we couldn't stop looking at each other, I was so neevous. He was originally from my city but moved away with his family, and I being a freshman in college we rarely saw each other.

We fell in love so quickly it scared me, so I broke it off. That didn't last long because he could never seem to get over me. Let me also tell you that he had many women or as he call them fans, and that didn't fit well with me. I was a catch, something u couldn't rub into with girls my age so I felt like I should have all of him or nothing, period.

So ima fast forward to now 2012, he had a daughter who is about 9 months and also a girlfriend. We have remained friends because we can't let go. Recently he called wanting to tell me he loves me, but I told he is ruining my life and to just let me be, he refuses and I can't stop thinking about him. Am I doing the right thing? I feel like he has become my bad habit
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1 Response Aug 16, 2012

If he has a gf and kid thats touch. I fell in love with a MM also now its 2 yrs and counting and hes as mad about me as i am about him.<br />
<br />
So its hard.