The Connection

People have told me, "Don't take the internet
seriously." They have told me, "Those people
aren't REAL." They have told me a lot about
the internet.

I have heard story after story of heartache.
I have witnessed pain, sorrow and intense love.
I have seen peoples hearts printed out for the
world to see, in hopes it will touch someone.

One of the most important things I have seen
though, I'm not sure I could put into words.
It's a CONNECTION. It's hard to imagine
unless you've been there. When people get
together, over the miles... state to state and
country to country, and they connect. REALLY
CONNECT!! It is amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I'm not talking about the "man to woman"
connection. I'm talking about the "friend
to friend." I'm talking about some people
you have met, that instantly you KNEW
were going to be important in your life.

The ones you laugh with, kid with, cry with,
hurt for when they are hurting. They make
you worry. They make you crazy! The ones
who touch you deep inside when they are not
there anymore, and make you wish they were.

If you have ever experienced that type of
connection with someone you have never
met... face to face... you have indeed been
blessed. I know, without a doubt, that I have!
CarlaW CarlaW
66-70, F
2 Responses Sep 6, 2012

The connection is real and special that i have with my lady sax. There are things that happen and things we do people just can't understand. We do know wee are blessed by its presence. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

I find it very ironic that you have written this considering that I have read an answer of yours to a question where you state that you're not interested in making friends on EP and yet you also admit you spend most of your online time here. And indeed you don't have any friends. Ironic or hypocritical? I can't quite decide.

I enjoy responding to questions. I suppose I get a 'high' when my response is recognized and appreciated. But no I don't come here to make friends. I am in face book and friends there is family (relatives)
People are collectors. Friends are different and I have very few I am close to in my personal life.
I met my husband on the Internet. It was a long drawn out romance. But we did it. We became friends first. We shared everything of ourselves and trusted. It was a long time before we set a plan to meet.
But friends should be someone personal. I don't want to burden others especially when I have never met them face 2 face. These are not friends. The are a collection of names. I'm just not that sort.

I joined because my grandsons are on there. I go and read about how they are doing in school or the latest sport they're into. Yes I was there in 2013 left and came back. Back because following my husbands stroke, I search for the name of a former boyfriend from when I was 14. We're still long distance but destiny will take us back where we should have always been.
My husband will never recover. Cannot speak nor walk and at times cannot understand what is being told to him.

Honey, People collect 'friends' in face-book. Names, simply names in your list. People you will never meet. THAT is what I don't believe in. THOSE are not true friends and never will be. I'm REAL. That I know for certain. But you don't know me and likely never will. THAT is certain. Not meaning that rudely but in some cases there is certainty. I do not have friends. I have acquaintances. I would trust my life with my daughter. THAT is a fact.

Oops let me add, I have one friend in Texas I call my 'sister'. She knows what I have been through in my life. We have never met physically but we are closer than those who I am able to touch.

One more thing to ad, a year ago last September my husband had a major stroke. He lives in a facility where he can be cared for 24/7. I visit with him twice a week. It's hard but I don't want him to feel abandoned. He won't heal and he refuses therapy. I am not able to care for him on my own, because I could not lift him when he falls. And my small home is NOT wheelchair accessible. Legally I could be put in jail for leaving him alone. Even a quick trip to the store. He's like a child in his mentality.
But we once had this love and I still feel strongly. I just cannot heal him.

I am so sorry about your situation, it must be truly heartbreaking. Take care. :-)

The Poem is about a connection that is magical. I don't object to people having friends. I just have yet to meet anyone I feel comfortable enough with to share my life story.
There is a difference with your Lover. To give it all and to receive it all back. I am a loner. That is true. I am not afraid of people, I simply don't feel comfortable.

I don't ad friends even to my Face-Book. I have family, but not all my nieces. I'm not a collector.

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