Stranger Danger? Idt So.

As pathetic this wud seem, i fell in love w/ someone i met on facebook. We didn't even know how we were friends 4 I stopped accepting friend requests from strangers a long time ago. It 1st started w/ his comment on my status.. which led to private message, phonecalls everynight then finally meet. We instantly clicked the moment we started talking. Wudn't say it was love at 1st sight exactly.. i can't help but to think our memories very much similar to a real life fairy tale.. LONG Story. He swept me off my feet at the very 1st day we meet. I love this boy w/ all my heart but i guess we were bound to end.. we underestimated the distance between us. Never have i had sum1 come into my life & let alone, have my own mom introduce the idea that he stay at our house 4 a Whole weekend. Everything was going so well... but we realized that our chemistry we once knew was gone the last time we saw each other after a Whole month of not seeing each other. It's been a month now since the break up & as much as i'd like to move on w/ my life, a part of me says to hold on to those memories because i've never felt so happy & alive & know that my parents like him too. Everything felt SO Right & inever had that b4..there hasn't been a day wen i have Not thought abt him at all.. ik i need to go out More but my mind just gravitates towards the thought of him. Ik he has probably stopped thinking abt me long ago.. friends like his is something i wud Kill to have but ik it's rele just his likeable personality. Ican't stop to wonder if he Ever thinks of me.. i love him so much 3.
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I rencently feel in love on fb through a private group and we met twice it has been good ever since. I think the distance is what messed you all up BUT if you really love him than you need to be the bigger person and contact him. Do it for YOU not him.