My Delicate Untitled~

I was goofing off on this site as someone else for fun. Never did I expect to meet someone who kept me up at night, heart wandering, mind contemplating. He was an odd fellow. Older than me by 5 years, and very different no matter how many times he'll object.
He calls himself the average Joe but I tell him he's more of a Felipo. Heh, we just connected.

Eventually, I confessed to him that I was faking for physical since I couldn't keep hurting him. But he forgave me. He told me he couldn't leave me. He loved me.

That was back in February, 6 months of knowing him.

And I know this all sounds very scattered, rushed and detailed inconsistently, but I have no other way to explain it to you.

It's been a year.. I had left out other things about myself that had been revealed by a friend about two months ago through text. She told him everything about me, so no more hiding.

When I told him it was all true, he was shocked, felt betrayed, but, for some strange force, he told me that he will never leave me.

With that being said, we both tried moving on. But we just couldn't. The day before my birthday in August, I had gotton a new phone and was able to finally text him normally. (We used a text site for a bit) We chatted.. Things felt so normal. We clicked again..

Now, here we are. It's the 30 of September. We act like a couple, are very romantic and talk about the future. He has this son of his who I truly could see as my son in the upcoming years. He lives In The North Eastern states.. While I reside near the Heart of America.

We were enjoying our time outdoors on our porch/Balcony. Fun... Our weather was quite similar so we shared the same experience. We bonded.. We connected... Like fusing trees.. His leaves became my own.. mine, his. I just came to realize it... I Love Him.. This feeling isn't one of those exarggerated flings either. I know him well off to know he has his weaknesses and flaws.. But to me, he's fine the way he is. Dovetail's me so well..

And can you just believe.. Were the exact opposites. I'm a writer (perhaps not as visible as now ;) I am more about education.. He values it, but it isn't his life. He's more outgoing and a people person, I am an introvert. But for sure, we both are peaceful. We both love nature, accept differences and overall learn from one another. I have never been so pissed and grateful at the same time during one of our arguments. He doesn't kiss up to me and lie so I'll be happy. He tells me the truth.. I tell him when I can't stand even the sight of him myself too. We can argue... Passionately.. But we come back even stronger.

I love him... Realizing it made tears puddle my eyes for a while. I don't have to put on a show for him, or go out at fancy parks, I don't need to do all that crap. Just waking up with him in thought.. Little texts telling me good morning at early hours.. His being, his existence, just him.. Is all I need.

He's even said to me that when we meet, he wants to lay in bed, just talking for days. Hair a living mess, clothes aren't too fresh, just us. I see myself walking down the aisle to him.. He sees himself with me. I might be young and considerably inexperiences, but this age is the best age to fall in love~

But love is so overused.. So vague and stretched.. so loose.. I think I'll just call this sensation, ~Delicately Untitled~
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Very well written. That was pretty incredible.

Wow, that was really amazing. It was like reading a novel, but in real life. Congrats on the anniversary.

Wow, I just read my story, I wonder if it is a online love thing or something hmmm reading that you two are happy after a yr gives me hope, I am in mth 4. It is hard.....

Hmm.. I sincerely do wish you two luck... Month 4 was the most difficult... But know that if you get passed that... It's smooth riding from there about...