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Ok, so i have never been a fan of online relationships..or long distance ones..and yet this is my love story: ...
It was kinda late, and i was on EP, waiting to see if one of my friends was going to get online, so we could talk like we always i was scrolling down the page to see if he was here, when this story catches my eyes..its a boy saying that his girlfriend has broken up with, and cheated on him, and he needs someone to talk to...i see that no one has left any comments for him, so i leave one saying he can talk to me...he replies pretty soon, thanking me, and saying how he really needs someone to talk to..then he messages me with the same we start talking, and i cheer him up..and then all of a sudden, i have a boyfriend!!!! O.o ...i're confused...i was too...he randomly asked me out, nd i was feeling so crazy free i said yes.
So we exchanged emails, nd we started talking, and before long..i found myself head over heels in love....with a guy i met over the internet...who im in a long-distance relationship breaking all of my own rules!!!!
But what can i do?!?...exactly, nothing...i love him so:) he makes me so happy, and makes me feel so loved, i dont care i met him online...or about any of the other stuff that troubles other people's relationships...i simply love him:)
And really, that is all there is to say<3
DarkAngel24 DarkAngel24 13-15, F 2 Responses Oct 13, 2012

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it probably wont last.

Thanks..and you'll be happy to hear i broke up with him...but we still talk...

why would i be happy about that, besides its online dating. that never lasts long.

Idk..why do you always crush my dreams with your Reality??...and nothing is Always, or Never....we didn't break up cuz we aren't still in was cuz of me...

hhmm then if he would come and see you thats ok but make sure you are on the right age then what if he is not at the same age it will just causes a heartaches to you both so be patient ok..

I was on the right age when we met:) i only changed it cuz i had friends i wanted to add. And couldn't cuz of age...but he is 16, nd i am 15....

ahh thats sometimes is really hard but yes just ask him to bein legal age bracket so you can easily add him or vice versa.

Its cool...cuz i added him when my age was still set to 13-15...but thanks:)