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My boyfriend lives in bulgaria which gives he and i an 8 hour time difference, usually this will break apart some couples or strain the relationship , but no, not ours ,our love is much too strong to break and i find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with him no man near me has ever been so sweet and romantic to me let me tell you what hes done , even though he has had school to go to he stays up with me all night to keep me company or cheer me up or just because he misses me , he has even skipped school to stay home and skype me i couldnt even get my ex boyfriend who lived down the street to skip a day or miss some sleep for me!! Nikolay oh god you you are amazing i can picture in my arms forever i can picture walking down the aisle with you someday and stealing your last name (which i already do) sleeping with you playing games with you singing with you taking stupid pictures doing everything we do now but at a much closer distance anyway i just wanted the world to know i really really really from the bottom of my heart with all my teenage soul dearly truly love you nobody can ever take your place so dont you worry i am your queen and you will always be my king . OBICHAM TE!!!
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Distance does nt make any difference,sweety as far as u r enjoying his love n enjoying being in love with him.wish u all the love n is too short to think about use less things.being in love is the best feeling,enjoy

you guys love each other so much! i hope one day "she" and i can reach that too.

Awww ofc you will

I don't want to poop on your dreams of love and marriage but just be careful. Long distance has a way of making feelings more intense and romanticizing the situation. I was in a similar situation and it didn't work out well and I don't think these usually do. It's possible and I hope that it does but in case it doesn't be prepared for some serious heartache. Good luck.

Hi K, But yet, tonight you say you need help with 'relationship problems'....?
Please don't put your young,REAL life on hold for some guy in a different country!

i know i probably shouldnt but he is part of my life now ^_^

If you 'know' you shouldn't, then Don't! . 'Part of your life' is one thing-- but claiming this undying love, and that you 'are dating', etc, just seems silly and not a wise choice for such a young, attractive girl as you! don't be scammed. Find a real boy or man in your town. Give yourself a chance. Don't waste your teen years.... enjoy them . Live. GL!

Thank you for your opinion i respect it ^_^

You are very welcome and TY for your respectful reply. You are indeed a sweet heart!
I hope we'll chat.

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