Disappearing Together

I wrote a story about him recently where I spoke mostly of the heartache, but this is a wound that was currently healed, so reflecting on the good feels amazing.

It escapes me sometimes that I met him online because things progressed so quickly. I met him on myspace. He added me and messaged me for a few weeks before we exchanged phone numbers. He called me that same night when we stayed on the phone for hours talking about everything.

We decided to hang out in person. I remember so vividly when we met in person. The first words he said to my face were "Pretty girl. Pretty pretty girl."

We literally did everything together over that summer. Camping, walks, swimming, parties. We literally came up with any excuse we could to spend time together. We would even go out of town and rent hotels. Just to get away from things for a while.

In retrospect, I understand that we were both very lost people. We both had our issues, which would be our demise. But the time that we spent together was unforgettable. Our talks about the universe and our goals. It was an amazing and insightful time in my life so much so that things moved so quickly, I lost track of myself. He told me he loved me very early and that scared me. It scared me because I knew it was way too early, that we both had our problems, and that I was beyond in love with him.

Everything about him. The way he smelled, the way his clothes fit, the shape of his arms, the way he smirked, every line of his tattoo across his ribs, the way his muscles filled out his body, the way his mind worked, his love for travel and reading, the way he touched me, the way he kissed me, his desperate hug around my waist.

It all sticks in my memory like it was yesterday. It didn't work out for a reason, but I've never truly felt something so intense. He will always be special in my mind. I learned a lot about myself in that time, and it seems as though he did too, according to the phone call I got a couple of weeks ago.

Despite the bad things that happened and what we went through, I wouldn't have it any other way. It was a wonderful close to that chapter in my life and he will always have a small place in my heart.
Bunnielight Bunnielight
26-30, F
Dec 3, 2012