The Love Of My Life!

i've fell in real love twice online. the first time we were together for a year the second i'm still in now, 6 months and going. we met on a site i dint expect it. i was only really looking for friends sense my last broke my heart. me and Joshua, my boyfriend now were only friends... we talked very little. he helped me with my break up. he was really funny and made me smile. i wasn't really growing feelings for him though. truthfully i don't know why and how we became boyfriend and girlfriend but all i know is that i love it now. he wanted to do everything slow. something i didn't really know how to do. i pushed him constantly but i'm so glad we did take it slow. i was always one step ahead of him. liking him more then he liked me. when i fell in love i was scared because he had turned me down before. but when i heard those words i love you come out his mouth i was the happiest girl. oscassionaly we video cam. we are such silly people but perfect for each other. he's the best thing thats ever happened to me and now we have given everything to each other. me and him role play. so we have kissed, made love, got married, and now we have a baby girl on the way, Maria :) he's perfect in every way. i love him more than anything. it might be a while before i get to see him. another 2 years :(. but as soon as i can. i will go live with him. i live in USA Michigan. he lives in Ontario Canada. so not too far. lol i'm not looking forward to moving to another country but i love him. but all i know is that i cant wait to see him in person. we have been through so much. he puts up with all my bipolar depression which is why my last boyfriend left me. we have been through a lot. abuse and rape and all that crap. most guys would have left there girlfriend if she was raped. i love him for all of that. just sticking it out with me. i love him forever. i'm hopelessly in love with him now. i'm never letting him go.
ForeverStar0 ForeverStar0
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012