I Found Out He Was Married...

A warning to all those embarking on online relationships.

As kids we met online, and were just friends until earlier this year. You'd think twelve years later you could trust a person, even if you hadn't yet met in the flesh, right? Wrong!

Turns out that some people don't think as innocently as you do, and are actually brilliant at telling lies.

Now, after he has picked me up, played with me, and dropped me back on the floor all I have left to do is get over a unnecessary broken heart, and so does my little boy. So, be warned, tread very carefully.

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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

ur an idiot for thinking like that about sum1 u havnt met! He might be a looser for treating u like that but its stupid of u for alowing ur self to b in that situation (and a little bit creepy). I hope this isn't about your previous 'military girlfriend' experience!