I met him when I was just chatting on stickam. We became friends, talked on skype, eventually texted and talked on the phone. He became my everything, and I thought I was his everything. He was everything I had ever wanted. I couldn't go a day without telling him I loved him, we we're going to do everything together. I should have known after the third time of trying to meet up and him having some excuse not to that something wasn't right. I thought I knew everything about him. I am 19, I was 18 when I met him. I thought he was this amazingly cute 18 year old that was so sure of what he wanted in life. My dreams came crashing down about a week ago, I did one last facebook search for him through his high school. I found him, well not him, I found the person I had been looking at for months, the person I thought I was going to marry and have a life with. This person however, was 20, had a girlfriend, and his name was not the name I was given. Turns out the person I had gotten to know was someone entirely different, he was 46, has a family, and had used every emotion and dream I had against me. Oh, and the person he used, is his nephew.
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What a jerk

take it as a blessing in disguise. He probably brought the best out of you.. and made you outwardly. Its more for your introspection. Also means you fell for the 46 in 20 combo... left alone you may not want either.

what's the 46 in 20 combo?

You said he was 46 n used profile of his nephew who is 20 .. Rite?

Oh yeah, yeah. Wasn't quite sure what you meant. I'm not exactly sure how old he is, he's like a year or so older than me.

well back then I knew he was 20. it's been so long I forget lol

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Shm head some ppl!!

Oh my.I am very sorry this happenend to you.This person was very devious. He went through a lot of effort to connect and lie.

My thoughts too. It takes so much time and energy to keep a lie like that going!!

Wow that's strange. Some people are crazy!!

Crazy, disturbed, messed up, yes!!!