How I Met My Husband

20 years ago, the web was not around as we knew it. Back then there were modems we physically hooked up to our corded telephones (sometimes rotary dial) and we would dial into a server that would act as a big chat room called a bulletin board system (BBS) for all of us on them.  Our baud rates were 300, 1200, 2400, 4800, and the lightning fast 6400 modem.  Boy you were SOMETHING when the 12800 modem came out if you had one.  That meant only 10 minutes of having to wait to hook up instead of 25-30.  

Anyway, (this makes me sound REALLY old) back in MY day, we were all from the same city.  Or at least the surrounding area, because not many people could afford the long distance rates.  The Milwaukee BBS's were some of the best around.  My husband and I met on there.  Here's how it went:

bugzy :(him) Happy Birthday! 
         (see, it listed whose birthday it was for everyone who signed on)
Roxie: (me) Thanks, Who are you?
bugzy: just a nice guy.
Roxie: Well, that's good, because I wouldn't want a creep wishing me one.
       (yes, they were around back then, too.)

We eventually exchanged phone numbers and we talked on the phone incessantly.  We both had the annoying call-waiting, and had to get off the phone when someone else called in.  That was frustrating because we wanted to be close - instantly.  Or at least I did.  I guess I can't speak for him, but he did reciprocate quite well.  We were both afraid to meet each other in person, because there were some REALLY odd and needy people out there that could really creep out a person.  And both of us had met those people.  However, we also knew there were genuine people out there and we had both met those as well.  

Our first meeting was when I was working at a local frozen custard stand.  I told him when I worked and that he could stop in, order from me, not tell me, and then walk away without saying anything if he didn't like what he saw, just to never tell me he did that.  Well, on that fateful day, he DID come in, ordered from me and said as he turned to walk out with his order, "By the way, it's me."  That was it.  I was shocked, because I hadn't taken the time to see his face.  I knew he had ordered a half gallon of caramel cashew, and that he was wearing jean shorts and a tshirt, but that's all I knew.  I asked all my coworkers at the time if they saw him, but to no avail.  It was very busy that day as it was 90+ outside.  

Yeah, I playfully let him have the 3rd degree when I got off work that night.  My first real meeting with him was him coming over for Memorial Day to have dinner with my parents.  Seriously, which guy would EVER do that on a first date?  We had planned to see a movie after that dinner, but my parents instead told me I had to mow the lawn.  So sadly, he went home.  

Our first real date was a pro baseball  game.  That was also the first time I ever kissed him.  He opened the car door for me.  He paid for me.  He treated me like a lady, and I was head over heels!  We spent that whole summer together doing EVERYTHING.   I knew during that summer, this was who I wanted to marry.  I was 18, had only one serious relationship prior (I was 14-15) and yet I knew he was the one.  

It took us 7 years before we married.  He said he wanted me to finish college first.  He wanted me to be a professional.  He wanted me to be happy.  During those 7 years, I was growing, changing, maturing, and finding out who I was.  I had broken up with him 3x.  And we always came back to each other.  Yeah, I'm stubborn.  I'm headstrong.  Yet, I know when it's time to back away, back down, and let him take control.  

We have been married 13.5 years.  It hasn't always been pretty.  I have grown and changed so much due to my childhood and it's a struggle.  But a struggle well-worth fighting for.  Well-worth giving myself 100% towards.  No more walls, no more closed me.  I fell in love with him the first time online, and I'm learning to fall in love with him all over again the second time online.  

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This is a beautiful story! And yes... I remember the baud rates - OMG!!!! Those days sucked. By the way, I met my wife online as well. You might wish to join that group if you're not already in it (I Married Someone I Met Online)

I remember 300 baud. It's like reading a typewriter. Lol

OMG.... TYPEWRITERS!!!!! lol

Click Click Click Click Click Click Ding!

When I graduated college, I remember purchasing an electronic typewriter with memory to capture and reprint my resumes. The look of a typewriter was just so much better back then. Now printing has advanced tremendously.

You think? Lol

Just a little! ;-)

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Aww this is SO CUTE! Your life sounds like a fairytale and I kinda wish that something like that happened to everyone. :)

We all have our struggles. Nothing in life is as it seems. :)

So you're trying to say that its not as perfect as it seems like?

nothing ever is. But the story is 100% true.

I guess without the struggles, life won't be real. And the struggles are like a tunnel, its dark, but there's hope that there's light to come :)

Exactly. Never lose thought of your goal. It takes patience, effort and real work to get there, and once you're there, you will want to set new goals. That's what life truly is all about. Until then, keep your mind on your prize and work your tail off!

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I love romance stories and this sounds like one to me. I'm sure you will get your happy ending too:-)