He Turned Out To Be My 'true Love'.

OK. This goes back a bit over two years now, two very happy years I've been with the man to whom I am now engaged, to be civil partnered too. At the current time we still live in our respective houses, but this year coming we shall sort out living arrangements properly, and be together, living in the one house.

I wasn't looking for 'lover', I wasn't looking for a 'lifetime partner', I was, however, looking for sex, and that is how we first met.

To be honnest I can't quite remember who sent the first message, on Gaydar, he to me, or myself to him.

We met up, three or four times, over a fairly short period, for sex, pure and simple, but as time went by, I think we both gradually realised it was a lot more than just* sex.

Then, after several months had passed, we were out, together one day, and we just suddenly both realised, virtually at the same time, that we 'had something', and that it was a lot more than just the sex. and since then we've both been besotted with each other, an all encompasing lover, and lust too, for each other, which has shown no signs of reducing, over more than two years now. We each seem to turn each other on something rotten, just by being together, and we still have the lust for each other that we did when we were first making love.

But, it is so much more than the sex, than the lust, just being with him, holding him, his sitting on my lap on the sofa, watching TV, or listening to the radio, such a sense of warmth and love, of security and peace... Its kind fo hard to describe really...

And it hurts, so much, on days like today, when he's busy at/with work, and unable to come over to see me, it is a Saturday and we'd normally be wondering about town today, visiting a few shops, probably having lunch in a cafe in town etc... and I miss his voice, and his touch, and his lips, on mine...

We've got a very large age differnce, but, it just doesn't matter, at all. Even though I know, the likelyhood is, that one day, hopefully very var off in the future, I'll be left alone, when he passes away, I just hope that it is very very far in the future... I'm seriously missing him today... At least we'll get to talk on the phone later...
eusarian eusarian
31-35, M
Dec 15, 2012