Complicated Love.

I met this guy online about two months ago through a mutual friend on a site where you can video chat. We both live in america but we are across the country from each other. I'm 16 and hes 20. Despite the distance and our age difference I have grown so many feelings and fallen in love with him. We text and call each other all the time everyday and I have even spent 8 hours on skype with him before. He is the sweetest caring guy i have ever known and he is honestly almost perfect for me and so cute. We have been in a relationship for a few weeks now. He is making plans to come visit me in the summer. The problem is, my mom does not approve of me talking to people online and let alone dating one. I fear she is going to force me to cut off communication with him. She thinks he is 19 instead of 20 and I don't think she would ever let me hang out with him if he came out here. I care for him so much and I want to make this work, but i am unsure how to make us meeting in real life a possibility until i am 18 which is a long ways away. Another thing is that I am hiding this relationship from all of my friends because everyone around me thinks dating someone you havent met is weird.
ohhlizz ohhlizz
18-21, F
Jan 5, 2013