I Can't Get Over This Guy

Okay..I so..I fell for a guy his name is Jacob,we met online on a gaming site called "imvu" 2 years ago. To make matters worse he's four years older and lives four hours away.. The first time we chatted I couldn't stop laughing at his comedic personality,we've gone out a total of 3 times..I almost scommitted suicide because of why I ended it with him. It seems silly but I kissed another guy,I felt so guilty! I can't really describe the way I feel for him..he's in my mind 24/7,he's in my artwork,my music,my everything. I even have a journal committed to him! >~< I even cried for this boy..and I never cry especially over relationships. I was taught not to,that it was a sign of weakness and that you've got to stay strong for others. I don't even cry at funerals(it seems heartless I know,I just can't help it..). But I cried for him. For the one thing I had in life to truly love,and I threw it away like a idiot. I cried for every weakening moment,every dream filled moment I've spoken or have even thought of him. I truly love him..and I fear he only likes me as a sister. Jay I love you :/
NightmaresAreMyUsual NightmaresAreMyUsual
Jan 7, 2013