My Savior<3

I've never really had good luck with relationships... Every one I have been in seriously (lasting at least 6 months or more.) I've been hurt, Cheated, lied to or my biggest heartbreak... being raped, my boyfriend of a year called me a liar once I got pregnant with twins and left me. He denied them, saying they were not his and ignored me until they were 6 months old and he forced a DNA test. but that is a whole other story. Anywho. I'll start from before The Savior. I met a guy while I lived in Texas, He was cute funny, and I was 16.... I moved back home and after a few years we found each other online. He was at Camp Pendleton (Marine Corps.) and We started talking again. after a little while, we decided that a long distance relationship was worth the shot, he was being discharged due to medical reasons. When he learned of his date of leave he made a plan to come see me at my home town for a week. We Skyped every night, texted all day everyday... fell asleep while skyping that way we could wake up to each other the next day. my family met him VIA skype.... his family wasn't too fond of the idea of his long distance with such a free spirited girl... not to mention free spirited with two kids.... But he stayed. then we started arguing because the marines screwed him and he couldn't come visit.... Needless to say he decided to end it. I very rarely talked to him after that... a moth passed and I decided It wasn't worth dwelling on. I met a guy named cory. We hit it off, we started talking but I wasn't ready to jump into anything just yet. well sadly that didn't last too long when I found out he had a girlfriend the whole time we were talking /:<

Here is where the man of my dreams... my personal savior came in. While browsing online, on a networking site, I decided to check out the "admire Me" section. people pictures pop up... you choose to next or to secretly admire them. I had never really done it too much and was feeling kinda down. So I went through a few... and this picture popped up. he was really cute, had a nice body... but what really got me was his amazing smile. it gave me butterflies. I instantly hit admire... thinking to myself it was a long shot. that same day he admired me back! and then he messaged me. he was sweet, and just so different from everyone else on that site.
we had been talking for a few days, I was trying not to let him know I was into him (cory was still sorta there.)David didn't really try to hard to hide that he was interested. but he agreed that as long as I was talking to someone else, he would be there only as a friend.
Cory began to fade into the back of my mind.... David was so great. one night I decided to take a chance, and told him to call me.... we stayed on the phone till 8 am. I have NEVER laughed or smiled that much because of one single person in my life. Hearing his voice made the butterflies in my belly go insane. we kept that up for a few days. still every night I felt the feelings growing.
Then Cory called. to put it simply he said I'd be better off with David. And that was thee end of that. I didn't care. as selfish as it sounds... I was already falling in love with David. One day I decided it was time to meet. He lived a few blocks away and I was ready. ready to see his smile for real, to be close to him.... we decided to go for a walk. we took my kids to the park. my kids took to him instantly... (my kids are VERY shy.) he was still sweet, and caring... and made me laugh just as much. he was absolutely perfect in my eyes. after our walk we went to my house, and played with the twins outside. we talked a little more. It started to get dark out and I needed to get the girls inside and fed. He had to go. ): so I gave him a big, long hug... and then we kissed. my knees felt so weak and the butterflies were going crazy! We dragged it out as long as we could, and then he left. He texted me not even a block away. haha. He was the one I knew it then and there. we talked on the phone more and more. One night we were talking, and he said something about me being his girlfriend. I made a comment like "I kinda can't wait to be called your girlfriend..." he told me to hang on a second, and then told me to get on facebook... I had a relationship request.... ! :D I didn't even hesitate.. I accepted.
My birthday party was 3 days later.... he had to work so he came a little later... I was already drunk, he had a few shots with me and my brother, sister, and a close friend... and then I started feeling sick. he carried me to the bathroom, held my hair back, got me water, took care of me... when I said I wanted a shower he helped me in... he wasn't a pervert he was there to solely take care of me. he stayed by my side the whole night, and the next day. I met his daughter after a little while. everything was perfect.

Since then, he stayed with me at my moms, every we fought... as does every couple... maybe a little more because of my trust issues, but three months in, we decided to get our own place. we've been here for a little over a month and though things are stressful we are still as in love as we have been... he completes me, he makes me feel special, wanted, needed and adored. he helps me when I need him, he appreciates the help I give to him. we balance each other and helped each other grow as people. He is the man of my dreams, funny, caring, intelligent and helpful. he's sweet and honest. and we fit together so perfectly. Everyday the love we feel grows. It sucks being apart for work, but we know it benefits our growing family.

I titled this my savior because he did save me. I was giving up on love, on a lot of things... he came into my life at the right time. he saved my heart. and re-lit the fire in my soul... David gave me the love i needed to live again... since I've met him I have become the real me... the girl thats been hidden for years behind my walls that I built to keep everyone out.
We Know that we are meant to be, if we hadn't met this way, we would have other ways. His cousin knows my family, his stepdad has known my uncle for years... David has been in my house when we were younger. there are sooo many reasons that its meant to be. and it is being... it will never go away. I love him. he loves me.. I can't wait to become his wife in April

monstergirl1619 monstergirl1619
26-30, F
Jan 8, 2013