Over Four Years And My Heart Is Still Going Strong

Lol... I think it is crazy for me to feel this way but I do. I can't help but feel my eyes light up when I see a message on my phone. Or, my feet will start to rub once I start talking to him.

Does love really make us stupid? I guess the real question is "do we really care"? I suppose I don't anymore. I have said in another story about this fellow that if he was to ever meet someone that I hope he is happy. That is all I really want for him. We are miles a way from each other, single, and never knowing if we will ever meet.

If I find someone that doesn't mean I'll forget him. He will always be in my heart. I would love to just meet him just once. One day I will make that happen but not sure when. It might be this year.. you never know!
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Jan 14, 2013