The One

I took to the Internet in the middle of a hectic time in my life, I was getting out of a two year relationship and working ridiculous amounts of overtime, day shifts, night shifts, and back again in a single week. I wasn't looking for anything special when I joined eharmony, I was new to the area and figured, hey at least ill make friends, potentially sexy friends. I wasn't actually expecting the man who came along and swept me off my feet when I wasn't looking, lets call him A. A is everything I ever wanted in a mate, intelligent, motivated, family oriented, funny, confident, handsome, you name it, he has it. A also has some things I didn't think to ask for, but definitely needed, things I can't even put into words. We emailed every day for a month, then switched to text, then, finally met. Falling in love with him was as easy as breathing and as consuming as wildfire. Which is incredible considering that even during the email phase, I wasn't entirely sold. His complete comfort with who he was and what he wanted won me over and I found his emails to be bright spots in my day. He never played games, he is always consistent, I couldn't imagine being happier. People always talking about "knowing" when it's right, I was telling people three months in I would happily marry A. which, coming from me is incredible. I think that the online process helped me to really get to know A, really appreciate him as a man, and build a solid foundation for an amazing relationship. I'm so thankful every day to have him in my life. Thanks Internet!
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013