It Can Happen

I was always a lonely person. Not in the sense of... Feeling down and sad. I just enjoyed being alone.
Although, a piece of me had always wanted that fairy tale relationship. I dated many guys off and on, but I never met anybody to settle down with.
I thought I would take a chance with online dating.
That's when I met Jacob. An artistic, brown-eyed man. He was the man I dreamed of being with.
We set up a date for the next day on the first night we were talking. We went out for sushi (he was adorable when trying to hold the chopsticks - he kept dropping his sushi into the soy sauce) and to a park down the road. He looked into my eyes and kissed me right there. It felt like true love the moment we touched. We were hooked.
It has been over a year now. We are engaged, going to college together, and looking for a place to call our own. We fall deeper in love with each passing day.
Don't think it is impossible - because it truly is.
artsyalexis artsyalexis
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

very very good..Dear God keep Jacob and artsyalexis together...keep their love...even as they work hard bless them and strengthen both of them so that they st up a good happy family with children!!!!!"ha1 Ha! excited for both of you!Jake! where are you/ Be faithful and good to her Okay?!!!