Xbox Story.

One day I was playing black ops and I met a funny team player so I added them . No words were ever said . Forgot how but we both started talking on the mic and it was a instant connection . Had a bunch in common . It was amazing . We'd talk endlessly . It was really hard to talk though because he was 3 hours behind my time. He lives in California . And I live Allllllll the way in massachusetts. He's like my best friend . We could talk about the stupidest things . Never did I think I'd start liking him . Only for the fact it's Xbox live lol. But sure enough I did . We're friends on Facebook . I would love to meet him ^.^ and he wants to meet me too (I believe I'm tired so I don't really remember ) . Lol but that wouldn't happen. I'm only 15 he's only 14. So there goes that idea . I just wanted to share this to show that how unexpected it is to really have a crush on someone on Xbox live . I like him a lot . It really sucks that the distance is enormous . One day though I will make it down there just to meet my long distant best friend :)
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Jan 17, 2013