Still Haven'T Met Him Yet

8 months ago I was looking around a friend's Facebookpage. I saw a picture of one of his friends. He looked really cute so I sent him a friendresquest. Later that night he added me and started talking to me. After only 5 minutes he gave me his number. Since then we started talking everyday. (He doesn't live far away. Just one hour from where I live and he lives close to where my 2 brothers live.) First, I didn't like him at all. I thought he was a player or stalker but he kept talking to me. In only 3 months we became really close.
He was popular, handsome, all the girls wanted him, .. He was a bad boy. And I was.. me. I wasn't really popular, I never had a boyfriend, I was insecure and depressed and a good girl. But somehow, we had a lot in common, eventhough when I said black, he had to say white but secretly if I would have said white, he would have said black. We had the same sense of humor and that's all you need to have a great time.
This summer, was one of the best summers eventhough I was going through a depression. He helped me through it. He was the one who knew everything about it. He supported me. He became the only positive thing in my life. In August, we were like so close. He always made those jokes about us being together and he talked about the future and our kids. He actually called me his future girlfriend.
He asked me a thousand times to meet up but I always said I was too busy. I wasn't, I was insecure. Since the day I met him, I started losing weight and I didn't want him to see me before I could accept myself.
Once I told him I was in love and he asked me: "with me?" I was freaking out and said 'no haha :D" damn. How?! I am such a dumbass ****. What I didn't know was that he liked me. But he thought that I didn't want him so he moved on. Then he met a girl. I didn't know that they were getting closer and closer. 29th September, we were in a fight and I told him I liked him. He was freaking out and said: "I never saw you in real life? But anyway, why didn't you told me that earlier? I thought you never wanted me!" I was shocked. A popular guy just walks into my life and takes the time to get to know me and likes me? Since then everything was supossed to go into the right direction. We would meet on 20th October but that was replaced to 10th November. Then suddely he said: "I'm in love with a girl in my school and I wanna spend the rest of my life with her." why the hell would he said it like that? Guess what. We didn't meet and they started dating. Since I know him, he had those few relationships that didn't last longer than 2 weeks. So, I had hope. 3 months passed and I was totally broken. We talked less but when I had the chance I told him I was scared to lose him. He said we would be best friends forever and that I wouldn't lose him. He said he couldn't live without me but those sweet words are the past, he is seriously in love and she is all that matters now, that never happened before and I wanted to be the girl who would show him what a real relationship is like. Then when it all got to much and I was crying the **** out of me I prayed that the pain would stop. The next day, they broke up. He was broken and I tried to be there for him. But it felt awkward and like I was talking to a stranger who didn't knew me at all. After 4 days they got back together. They look really happy. They don't fight anymore, I guess and they're in love. And here I am, sitting behind my computer writing the story that completly changed everything. Everybody told me to move on. I can't. After 4 months, I still can't. I will wait for him. I've already waited so long. There's a reason for that. I love him. I fell for his personality. He's worth fighting for. But I'll just wait until they break up and then we will see what happens. Advice and opinions are welcome :(
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How to get a guy to like u even though u haven't met yet but talk to on social websites?? HELP I HAVE A CRUSH BUT HE ALREADY HAS A GIRLFRIEND AND I WANT HIM!!!

i m also fallin fr a guy whom i met on fb.. we xchngd r no. n its a yr snc we strartd tokin on phone.. bt v hv'nt met yet...

i loved a girl and i was with her for 4 years ..but some times u dont know who is destine with u.... she left me .... i was realy broked up....i am also a popular guy and girls are also really intooo me but i love her so bad i never cheated on her ... she was my first love but se is not with me any more.... the best thing for me was to accept the truth ( u cant forget them nor u can hate them)u have to accept it tht u werent destine with them now loook i have way better girl in my life who love me alot .... her name is sakkkina she is also on ep tooo ... some times bad thing happpens so goood thing can come across look u have me as a living example...

When I saw 13-15 next to your profile pic, I couldn't believe it. I still can't. You have such passion and love for him, its amazing. I'm not going to tell you to move on or fight for him, because seriously, I don't know anything about love. But I sure hope things will get better for you :)

Weird, isn't it? I love him with all my heart but I haven't met him yet. But yeah, we will see what the future brings! Thanks for your comment! :)

Haha I don't think it's weird. Its quite admirable actually :) Anyway, let me know how things go if it's not too much trouble :)

Thanks & I will :D