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I asked you why your avatar was so shiny and you said, 'Because I'm your knight in shining armor.' After that we talked all the time. You'd send me gifts for my avatar, I'd send you flowers and finally we became friends on MySpace. The first time we spoke on the phone was the day I needed help on science homework that was due weeks ago. I never heard a New York accent before, so when I heard yours I fell in love. We talked every day for hours, and we kept our relationship going for months. I was surprised how an online relationship could be so much better than one in person. Then one day you disappeared. I asked your friends what happened and they ignored me. A few months later I asked your brother what happened and he said you were fine. Three months you had me worried and scared. When you came back you apologized and said you'd never do it again. Each time you chose to come back and leave. Yesterday was the fourth time you started ignoring me again. I blocked you out of my life for good.
BruceWayneDc BruceWayneDc
22-25, F
Apr 9, 2013