I Love You Darling

We met here, seems like a lifetime ago. I knew I loved you at the very start. I love you darling, more than I can say. I adore you, I hope and pray you know that. Please know that I will love you always, always. I will wait for you, you'll know when it's the right time, so I wait. If it takes forever I will wait for you, darling
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8 Responses Jun 14, 2013

Lovely :)

Having been in an empty marriage I know that real love requires the both of you to be eye to eye, on the same page. if one of you is not willing, then it is time to close that chapter of your life. Being faithful to an unwanted love is wasting a life. Sadly, you can't make someone love you. they either do or they don't.
I wish you the ability to move on, and the opportunity for another heart to enter your life.

I hope you wont have to wait for long...im sorry if i pain you further by asking this but why did she leave you?

i'll message you if you want. pm me if you do

Does she know where to find you?

Very sweet! Lucky girl she is.

she'll never see this, she left

"If it takes forever I'll wait for you" I'm a bit tickled. This was cute thanks for sharing <3

hope and pray she will read this

very heartfelt write hope it reaches the destination and you truly get your love back..best wishes..

So beautiful, so loving, so romantic...what every woman wants to hear from her lover.

I wish and pray she will see it, and come to me

I hope so too. :)