I Did...

I did, and I love her now...I think
She has been there for me so many times, and she is generally amazing...
We just decided to try out online dating, and I was hesitant, but I said Yes...

I'm worried though, I don't want to ruin anything, and I am unsure how to go about it all, may I have some advice please?

18-21, M
3 Responses Jun 18, 2007

I agree with Diary.

hehe as someone who is in an online relationship, I'll say that your biggest problem will be communication. Be honest, and pay attention and listen to her. Share what's going on in your lives. Make sure she knows just how much you love her, and don't take her for granted. Good communication can go a long. Build a healthy relationship, where you both can tell each other anything and not get judged. And make sure that the both of you know where the relationship stands and where its going.<br />
The hardest part with an online relationship, if it is long distance, is the feeling of helplessness that you get when your gf is going through hard times and you can't even give her a hug. I hope you and your gf have a good relationship together, and here's to hoping it becomes more than that :)<br />
<br />

Good luck!