I Found Him

How do you miss someone you've never even met? How do you say I love you when you can't even hold him? . . .

I swore to myself that I will never get too emotionally attached to someone in the internet, until of course, I met him. He was practically my male version. Everything my perfect guy was. Smart, kind, funny, honest, loyal, caring, and above all, he's not judgmental. He's everything I want and everything I can't have. I listen to sad and sweet songs thinking they're all for me. I've spent tears on him, when the night seemed lonelier, and the only thing I could do was hug my pillows. You've once wondered how I could sleep with so many pillows, let me tell you then that they ease my loneliness when I imagine they were you. I want to feel your arms around me, hear your voice murmur my name, feel the heat of your skin against mine, wipe away my tears and reassure me that everything will be fine. But you're thousands of miles away. . . And the only thing you can do is type your emotions, ideas, thoughts and feelings.
I'd embrace this pain though. I would rather live in agony than not know you and be blissfully ignorant of your existence. You complete my day, you always know the right words to say. I smile like stupid whenever I read your messages. . . And I guess all I'm saying is. . .

I love you ;)
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OMG SAME HERE!! he lives so many miles away yet somehow, I still love him. He's my first one. I know that it's possible for it to work out but we're still very young and we have to wait. and he doesn't care about how i look so yea :P <3

Oh my!!! Same situation here. I love it, same thoughts! It's really everything I can do now...

If only he was here with me now. :'(
I never thought i'd ever fell for a total stranger especially not to someone I met online but I did. I fell so hard, how i wish i can tell him my feelings now. How i wish we can see each other soon, I really do..

I wish the same for you too :) I know someday we'll meet them personally. We just need to be patient. Let's do our best. hehehe <3

hope he is readin this """!
n perhaps he replied already:D

Man, i totally understand all this, i really do, i have been there and am still there. I know exactly how you feel!

Omg <3 I so damn feel you. Same situation here. *wink wink* LOL. YEAH. :-) I hope you meet him soon. I hope i meet mines soon too hahahah. XD

we WILL meet someday. I'm sure of it!

Omg. :-) Ahahaha so will i!!! Yay. Lol we both should totally talk and encourage each other! XD

Aww cute!


i have the same story :( but mine is a secret long distance reltionshp and now imiss him alot bcuz he is not getting online for abt 20 days.. im worried about him so much... :(

I'm happy for ya =)

Of course ;)

That's sweet!


That's how I feel when I think of her... I wrote a poem about that too check it out its under I write poetry its called celestial heart

you're on a long distance relationship too?

Yes. Stupid of me isn't it.

awww. . . that's not stupid :) . where did you meet?

It was actually a bit different.. I added her in my email and from there we talked but it was all Spanish and told me that the guy she was looking for matched my description and that we began talking more & more about our futures together...

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I wonder, is he married?
I've been thru this--the agony of a long distance relationship. I finally got my special someone--eventually, after I divorced my then husband. And Although I thought me and my long distance soul mate would live in bliss for the rest of our lives it seems the thrill is gone. The distance is what made us love so strongly so enjoy it. It's bitter/sweet

no. we're both just students. . . and yeah, I told him that we should just enjoy this while it lasts,and hopefully, it does :)

I feel ya girl ;)

Thanks. . . The only thing we can do is wait I guess. .

Lol. . .?

and what are you loling at?!

The comments which were here before, which I assume you deleted as you said you would. ;)

ok. . . you've read that huh

Yeah. But as I've said, I trust you. So I'm going to laugh and not take those comments as anything more than a joke.

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