...and We've Been Married For Six Years Now.

My husband and I met in an online chat room in February of 2000, were married that October, and have been together ever since.  I can't imagine finding a husband who is more perfect for me!
Sidira Sidira
31-35, F
5 Responses Jun 28, 2007

Actually Lisa, we're still going strong after 10+ years now. And no plans to change that anytime soon!

I agree, online,phone,and text can make a successful beginning of a relationship.

Someone once said to me that falling in love with someone online is total bullshit. Well, after reading your stories and others, it seems that online, phone and text can make a successful beginning of a relationship. Whether you click in person or from afar, you just click. Six year and you are still happy. That's inspiring. Although, this story is a few years old now. I wonder how you still feel? Whether it is still intact or not, the fact that you were (and possibly still are) happy and content with your man for 6+ years is a definite success story.

Oh I love to see that online stories of how people met. it's so awesome ;]

It fantastic to read an online success story!