Looking For My Lost Love, Angel

This is complicated.  Without having to go into details that I'd rather not go into, my lost love is the friend of someone who did something terrible to me.  I met my love when I was 16 years old on some online game called a MUD.  His name was Angel and he was so sweet!  I still have pictures of him around somewhere (he came over my house several times as he lived about an hour away).  The pictures always make me laugh because they are of him with pigtails because he had long hair and my younger sister always liked to braid it and stuff like that:)  He was really good with my family.  Everyone liked him.  We all wonder where is now and what he's up to.   I don't remember how it was that we lost contact.  I don't think it was a fight or anything.  But I have been putting his name in all kinds of search engines since then and have up with pretty much nothing, or they want you to pay money to give you phone number, etc., and I don't even know if he lives in the same area anymore!  You'd be surprised how many people carry his name!  I just wish I could find him.  He was coolest person I knew and I think he would be a good friend to me now, and who knows... maybe he's single?:)

Licorice Licorice
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1 Response Jul 26, 2007

Why don't you go ring his doorbell?=P