Against All Odds

I've always been a big critic of everything, and I used to particularly be a critic of people meeting through the internet. Whether it was just my general mistrust of strangers or mild paranoia, I thought it was too dangerous or risky of an idea to ever try and meet someone in person I had met over the internet.

Fortunately that mentality passed and I stopped believing that everyone who wanted to meet me on the internet was a stalker or a psycho. I learned that there are quite a few cool and normal people as well.

Then last summer, I met this girl online who first said to me 'so you seem interesting'. We then met in person a short time later and by the end of the summer were completely twitterpated with each other. And through it all, skeptics notwithstanding, we've stayed together and have stayed in love and we have now been married for a little over a month.

TehSaint TehSaint
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6 Responses Aug 3, 2007

So the myth broken,my experience is same i always found very good frenz online,they are my true frenz by all the means.

thanks for shareing and that is great. congratulations. <br />
<br />
Im in love with this guy i met online and we are datieng but it may be a little bit before we can move to same state and city. we are going to meet up soon though. but im so scared and going crazy, i love him and hate him at the same time. because i just don't know how to take the whole thing. so to hear your story helps calm my nerves a little :)

Congratulations....I'm glad it worked for you....I myself have found a multitude of fantastic, amazing people online, yet still keep a cautious eye out....

Good for you, i happen to know a psycho who likes using the dating web sites women beware.

Yay! I love hearing about others who met their loves online and it worked out for them as it did Me.

That's wonderful, thanks for sharing