Too Late I Realized...

So I met this guy, randomly on an online dating site, we've got a great chemistry online, and I always joked how I will visit him someday. I did go, and at the moment it was to shocking for me (I was trying to heal from the wierdest relationship I've ever had, and so did he apparently). I think he's one of the kindest hottest guys I've ever met. Anyway, i came back , and then I realized (6 months later), he's the one that resembles the most my ideal guy.... And now, I don't know what to do
Mauina Mauina
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 5, 2007

...your story is poignant to me. i wish you luck! you should definitely go for it and if it's mutual, see if someday you can work out a way to be together. i don't know how; if i did i might be in a relationship with my ideal guy right now.

yeah just let him know I met my boyfriend online, on myspace actually, and we been together for over a year now and I love him dearly. He such a great guy. If you tell your guy how you feel you might get something beautiful and great out of it. Good Luck I hope your Dreams come true.

Tell him, just close ur eyes and tell him-what's the worst that can happen? He might not feel the same, but at least you will know where you atand-been there done that, u might be extremely surprised.