I Just See He's Online Makes My Day

Before I'm one of those who believe that online real relationship is not possible...but I can attest to this,  that it is possible...

I met a guy online, we started as friends,  became bests at that,  later on it bloomed to a more romantic one.  I just found myself falling for him. We found ourselves mutually agreeing on everything.   Just seeing his eyes melts me,  seeing him smile inspires me,  chatting with him makes my day.  

I'm so eager to meet him personally.  I hope this love lasts....=)

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2009

It really can happen. I met my boyfriend when I posted a personal ad on Craigslist. He sent me an email saying IF YOU HAVEN'T FOUND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR I AM AVAILABLE AND WE SHOULD TALK. I didn't respond for a while because he lives in Virginia Beach and I live in Maryland, so right there seemed a good reason to ignore it. But for some reason I answered. We talked on the phone and within the week we met. That was back in October. I think this is the perfect man for me and he feels the same. So don't think something cannot turn out good just because you happen to find someone online. We have been together 3 months now and we burn our phones up when we apart. We miss each other so much it hurts. If he has no problem driving frequently and six hours a shot out of his day not counting the time with me, then he must be someone special. I really hope it works out for you...

Thanks bakerchick and Milamber81....the only thing that sets this affair apart from the real one is the net thing....the rest is just as the real one....feelings, emotions, bondings.......

I'm happy for you, both of you. I've had a similar thing. Met someone online, started as friends and now we both hate spending time apart. Seeing she's online makes my day in a way nothing else can.<br />
Good luck for the future.

I'm sure it will last, just be honest with urself, and be real, he'll reciprocate....am sure