And Im Marrying Him In August

hes was a united states marine stationed in Okinawa japan .... she was a hard working single mom and full time student .... the time difference allowed him to keep her company as she pulled all nighters studying ... she offered him a taste of home via music, news, gossip ...

lol ok ill stop talking in third person now .. we met on a dating/social networking website but neither of us was looking for love .. i was there to maybe meet some online friends, and to laugh at the crazies lol ... he was there obviously out of boredom as well. We hit it off instantly, i still remember how much i smiled and laughed during our first IM conversation.... we became instant friends.

Feelings developed, flirtations occurred, but given the circumstances neither thought anything more than friends was an option. We had more than half the world between us, we also had a 5 year age difference. Being that much older than him I really didnt think anything more could be between us.

However, just days after he touched down in the states, on his way to his next duty station in North Carolina ... we were a couple. He is amazing, Ive never been loved the way he loves me....

His Marine Corps enlistment ends this year (August), I cant wait for him to come home and for us to start our real life together. Kissing him every night and every morning...

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1 Response Feb 10, 2009

what website did you two meet on?