I Wish I Didnt Delete His Emails

 I wanted to move on with my life and let him go because of what he did to me , so i delete his emails...

now after 4 years since i did so

knowing that he might be now with someone else , i know i shouldn't regret it, but i wish i didn't delete his emails  it carries such wonderful memories when we cared for each other and were so open with no barriers stand between us regarless of pur differences .he also kept my emails because he said he liked reading them over and over.


we are like-minded , and i know i will never have with anyone else what i had with him.

the way he read my mind and have seen my depth without having to see my face or hear my voice...

it wasn't a gf bf thing, not at all....it was the best and the strangest relationship you can ever imagine

maybe i did the right thing, maybe not...


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6 Responses Feb 15, 2009

same thing happened with me when i was i college...i proposed to a girl twice, although i met him twice only in last eight years...and that too for only couple of hours at airport...and in my last letter to her five years back, i wrote her that ,if she cannot accept my proposal then she should never try to contact me or write to me and i will also be deleting all her mails and even mail id, so that i would never be tempted to mail her....and now sometimes i regret it...dont know why

I can see how this must be hard, weather it is on line or in real life letting go and saying good-bye is never easy. Sorry to hear you are in pain:( <br />
<br />
It will pass with time I'm sure.

It seems impossible that this can occur, yet I too have experience the feeling of falling hard for a mysterious, behind the screen woman.<br />
Our lives are drawn out for us,and that doesn't always mean we will end up with our soul mates.<br />
Sometimes, they just come into our lives for other reasons, a lasting impression, a reminder of what love can feel like, a reason to look forward to something real and within reach. Letting go of our soul mate takes effort, and although they will never leave your heart it is possible to fall in love with another compatible soul.

If he's not for you then you shouldn't regret. I know it's hard not to think, I guess I've been there too, but what the hell. What matters the most now is what you do/think that makes you happy.

u did just the right thing, coz we have to let go of the past to move on....it seemed to be an ideal affair, but the "what he did to me thing" made it vague for me... =)

I am so sorry - you are going to be ok.