I've never dated anyone online, but boy do I have a story to tell...

February 2012 this girl met a guy thru an online dating site. She lives in the US and he lives in Africa. They both shared the same religious beliefs (Jehovah's Witnesses).
Both were approaching 40 years of age, and to top it off, both were virgins. He told her he was a CEO of his own Marketing Company and also a college professor at a University... She was impressed with his knowledge and stability.
June 2012 they finally announce publicly that they were engaged and had plans to get married in December 2012.
Not knowing that this would be the biggest mistake of her life...
December 2012 she was going to Nigeria to meet her soon to be husband for the first time. Not even knowing really much about this guy she was still willing to marry him.
He picked her up from the airport, she notice he looked different from the pictures he had sent her, but she didn't let that bother her.
He took her to the village where he was staying, she was shocked at how his living conditions were and asked if they could stay at a hotel... The hotel was just as bad as the hut he was living in.
Because the city was so poor the government could not afford to keep the electricity on 24 hrs a day, as she was accustom to. The water was not clean and she could not shower the entire time she was there.
Not realizing it yet, but her soon to be husband was not at all what he had claim to be...
He was very very poor, and at times went days with out eating... During her two week stay in Nigeria, she ended up paying for everything, the cost of the ceremony, both his and her wedding rings, the photographer, the food and celebration, the hotel room they were staying in, And her round trip air fare that cost $4,000 first class! For her and her and her best friend that went with her.
She came back to the US basically BROKE!
It is now August 2014 and her husband is still in Nigeria. She is forced to pay all expenses to get his Visa so that he can become a citizen of the US.
Not knowing when she can get him over to the US has really been a struggle for her. She now suffer from depression and stress.
She periodically sends him money so that he will not go days with out eating...

Her life has changed drastically, she now borrows money from friends and family, she had to give up her car and down size her apartment to make ends meet. Still not even realizing that this is the worst thing she could have ever done, she is still in love with this guy she met online...
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This reminds me of a story I heard that there is a scam going around of people getting random phone calls on their cell phones of someone pretending they are a Nigerian prince asking for donations or money.