Just Waiting.

I just want to tell you I've been waiting for you for so long. Longer than the 10 months we've been in love. Longer than the unhappy years with my ex, knowing that it just wasn't right. Longer than even when I was in high school hungering for love and dreaming of the day when all my dreams would come true.

I've spent my whole life waiting for you.

Since the moment I drew breath I knew I was missing my other half. Too serious a child, too reserved a teen; an old soul for so long. I was just waiting for the sunshine that is your love. Just waiting to see the smile that would light the dark places inside my heart. The one thing that would simply make me happy to be alive despite all the bad things going on around me.

The one thing that would make me so glad that I've waited.

You've been waiting too, I know. It gets hard some days doesn't it? Not to be close enough to the one your love to share joys or to share sorrows or to share just being. Of all the fantasies we share, I think our favorite and most common would be me tucked up under your arm, just laying on the bed watching tv. I'm waiting for that night to come. I wait with breathless anticipation for the night we can lay spooned together with your arm around me and your whispers in my ear. I wait for other nights too. Fun ones, sweet ones, sensuous ones.

I just want to hold you. Just to feel you in my arms as real as I can in my heart. It breaks my heart to hear you say the same in such a sad voice. I miss you, and you miss me. Our brains may ask how you can miss something you've never had, but our souls know we've just been waiting to be together, again.

You told me that sometimes we have to crawl through hell to soar in heaven. We've both been to hell and back, and now I'm waiting to soar with you, baby.

I just want to tell you that I'll keep waiting. I'll keep waiting until circumstances are right. Until I'm healthy again. Until the weather is nice. Until we are able to afford to make the waiting end. I'll wait until you fly or drive 1300 miles to see me. I'll wait until you're close enough to touch your face and your hands and your chest. I'll wait until I get to feel your arms around me in reality rather than in dreams. I'll keep waiting until I finally, finally get to kiss your lips, and look into your eyes. Until that very moment that we each get to hear the other say those three little over-used words that somehow just cannot be topped.

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you!

And I'm waiting!


SouthernSweet SouthernSweet
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7 Responses Mar 10, 2009

this is written artistically and emotionally, i admire it a lot... and i really can relate to it... waiting for those things too... waiting to finally be with the guy i love the most... wish you all the best... :)

SS, This is going to be such a beautiful coming together of two true souls! Mr. Amazing is leaping closer each day now. What a great ending this is going to be! If ep had a on location cam, your story would be brought live to show all of your friends, how precious and lovely you guys are. Now is your time to shine, in the times of your life!!!!

i loved reading this!!

Lovely story, my fingers are crossed for both of you... hope you will be together in real soon :)

Write a story when you're together :)

Thanks Snowbunny, I hope the same. :)

This is a beautiful story! I hope you dont have to wait too long:)