I Believe My Dream's Coming True...

i am in love with a man/soldier i met online... we talk on the phone too, but a lot of our relationship is online because its soooo expensive to talk since he's stationed in Korea right now. So far I have waited 4 months to see/ meet him. He will be here to see me in almost less than a month. I'm excited and must say it is worth the wait and risk of meeting a complete stranger. We have so much in common and get along so well. I NEVER knew someone like him existed. I was just getting out of a bad relationship and wasn't even looking for a 'man' yet. But one day i was on myspace, and he sent me a message, and from that day on we have messaged each other ALL throughout the day and switched numbers a few weeks after meeting. We talk a lot on the phone, but lately this last month we have had to slow down on the talking because phone bills/ phone cards are going 'sky high' now. So when he calls we just conversate for a little and then get off the phone. But all i know is that I LOVE HIM.  People think i'm 'stupid' for waiting and getting my hopes high... but for some reason i believe this is going to work. We both want 'love' and that's all that matters. I have until September 14, to meet him... and see if these 4 almost 5 months of waiting paid off... i'll update you then... wish me luck and blessings...
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Like my mom said ya be smart do it in public but the person you meet at a bar and take home can be just as dangours the person online if not worse

Good luck!!! And all the best of cheap long distance plans in the interim!