I Did, But...

Well, it was probably the LAST thing I expected to happen to me, honestly I expected to bump into some girl while out at the store or something, but I'm very glad this did happen to me, she's everything I could ever have wished for, she's considerate, funny, good sense of humor, beautiful...aren't even enough words to describe how great she is, but...

For a while now my friends have attempted to discourage my going with her.  They see it as...childish I guess you could say, because I can't do anything but talk to her and see her on webcam.  I've told them repeatedly that they have no business telling me who I should go out with or associate with, but they seem to feel it's their responsibility to hook me up with a hot girl who I can "tap."

It used to  be funny and amusing, they would point out a girl and I'd shake my head, but now it's become annoying, they're quite serious about it and I've actually abandoned a lot of them because of their constant persistence in their attempts.  And I'd be prepared to abandon anyone who comes between me and her, but what puzzles me is why people feel that online relationships are...useless? I guess you could say.  There's nothing wrong with them, it's simply love, and as we all know, even those who haven't experienced it, love acts in mysterious ways.

I didn't choose this and I had every chance to back down and say hey, I don't want this.  But I didn't, because I wanted her.  The way she weaves her words into beautiful sentences, the sounds of her voice the first time I heard her, the way her eyes would light up when we'd look at each other on the webcam.  Moments like that are once in a lifetime.  And I think that not even the world is worth the way she makes me feel and the happiness she brings...wherever she goes.  Girls like this are one in a million, and I'm glad I found the lucky millionth.  :)

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I did too,,,,,:)

Yea, ours isn't quite a walk in the park either, it's rough when we can't hug each other or kiss each other...but we're both very happy and I'm sure in the end everything will turn out right. Always does :)

i love it im glad im not the only one i am happy as can be , but it hasnt been a walk in the park we have had to work on this but i feel we are stronger for it mmmmmmmmmmmm i love my guy

Haha, it's alright nicerain :) But yes thanks a lot EBflea :)

Thanks EBflea :) <br />
(hahaha, gemini15 sorry that you're no longer a mystery man :D)

I agree with you seasonal, I feel it makes the relationship stronger when even though you're so far apart you still keep the love between you going strong. And I'm really happy for you Betty :))

I hope you stay happy together. :)

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