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I fell in love and MARRIED someone I met on line.  I had just gotten out of a terribly bad relationship and was not looking for anyone.  I had a chat room on msn.chat where I had friends that we met up with every day and chatted.  Well, one day, my wife just popped in and we started talking.  I fell in love the first time I saw her picture.  She was from Texas.  She came to visit me in California.  It was love at first sight.  We made the decision to get married two weeks after we met.  She came out here about six months after we met in 2001.  We have been together for almost six years and married for two years.  We get along very well and although we have our moments like any other couple, we are really devoted to each other and will be together for the rest of our lives.

My wife and I don't always recommend this.  It has been hard at times and we have had to deal with people's comments and harsh words.  But, we have had a great time and I do not regret it ever.

However, if you do it, it always has the potential to work as well.  Society somehow looks upon people like us as losers, but it has become much more common than it used to be.  We go back to visit her family once a year and have them come out as well.  I am so thankful that my wife gave up her life to be with me and I honor that every single day.

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God Bless!

ahhhh. makes me wanna cry - all these wonderful stories which have happy endings....... I am so happy for you all !

I moved 1000 miles to marry someone I met in a similar way. My family thought I was crazy, but even they admit that she's clearly the only person in the world for me.

read my story about love... ifeel the same way and i met this person in the park..... 1 month later we were married

I ,met my soulmate on the WWW while recovering from surgery I had a lot of time on my hands and found a chat site. I talked to quite a few people over the next few months and made a few friends.<br />
One day I noted that there was another person not far from me who I watched converse with others and then I got up the nerve to join in the conversation or debate every now and then.<br />
We talked for months and decided it was time to meet in RL. <br />
We have been together since that first meeting and are married now and very happily in love.<br />
I dated quite frequently before the internet came along but always found that I was pretending to like the people I met and they were doing the same because we were all lonely.<br />
No one gave me the flutter in my heart as my spouse did when our eyes first met.<br />
10 years later we are happiyly married and each others best friends.<br />
We don't tell a lot of people how we met but the ones that do have no problem with it.<br />
We may have been the lucky ones as I hear so many stories of absolute lies and hate and even stalking when it comes to meeting those unknown people behind the screen.<br />
Be safe and if your going to meet, Make sure it is in a public place (both woman and Men as they both are at a disadvantage) Try to to drink too much or at all in order to get your real sense of the other person and lastly, please make sure someone knows where you are going and who you will be with just in case.<br />
I did have a bad meeting with another person but it was just that we found ourselves uncompatible after meeting in RL so I guess it was not all tj]hat bad but Almost bad enough to stop me from agreeing to meet my present spouse.<br />
I say, listen to your head, Talk online, email each other and gradually graduate to phone calls. When your heart says it is time to meet take all precautions but take that jump into the pool of love.<br />
Who knows what awaits you? But if you don't at least try, you will never even have the pleasure of wading there.<br />
Good luck and be careful. Allow yourself to open up to another soul. As long as you take your time and use your sense when it comes to safety, you may find the love of your life at the other end of the modem line. 'smile' *Ritz*

It's hard to find people who are your soul mate, and it looks like you found one of yours. So really, you shouldn't worry about what other people think. Chances are they're probably jealous that finding that person was so easy for you and you've been together longer than they would have expected.

That is sooo beautiful... i met this guy online and we get along sooo well.. and we are possibly planning a marriage.. once we meet in person and see how things go...but i'm excited and this story of yours gives me hope...

Same story

How wonderful that you met someone to love, in whatever manner! Any harsh words you have had to face have been proven wrong by your long, and seemingly happy relationship.