I met the love of my life on EP at the end of January. What started as a meaningful friendship blossomed into the most exciting romance. We decided to meet in July and I had never felt more connected to any other person. The fiery passion of that weekend slowly settled into a smouldering, everlasting desire to be all things to one another. I have plans to relocate in the new year and move in with my love. I am thankful every day that we found each other.
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That's wonderful!!!

Congratulations and wish a love deep as the ocean and your promblems and challenges as light as it's foam.Perhaps this is what I am looking for as well.

Thank you :)

Happy for you. Make sure those close to you know exactly where you are staying and keep a level head as hormones rage at this age and often lust is mistaken for love. Really trust it all works out well for you. :)

Thanks for your kind words! I learned the difference between love and lust many years ago.

I've learnt it too. ?

I am so happy for you ! I know how it feels to love someone far away from home, and it warms my heart to hear stories like yours! Sometimes long distance relationships are the most successful ones, as you see how a person really is due to endless hours of talking and discovering each others' personalities, because not everything is about sex :P Once again, I wish you a happy life full of your dreams coming true ! xxxx

Thank you for your kind words! Best wishes to you!

wow i love this so much!!! congratulations to both of you

Thank you so much!

This is awesome. I have been in amazing long distance relationships myself. However please please please dont move that quickly. Plan at least 2 more visits, try to make sure one is at least a week long.

Spent 3 weeks together in September and I will be out in November for a week and over New Years.


Wow that's awesome 👍👍👍

I am very happy for you :) and wish you and your partner (and I presume hopeful spouse) a very loving and pleasant relationship that I hope will last years and years to come.

Good luck.

Congratulations that's a lovely way to meet ur love :-)


Have a good life, respect your love, don't deny your selves the respect for that love and congratulations.

Thank you!

So happy for you,Thats great !!!

Thank you!

ok ..
at first everything seems soo good,awesome....but after you go deep in any relation you may find many negatives.
so first get an idea about your patner and go deep into your feeeelings
ive been many times made to fall in a ditch by girls
dont ever believe them so hardly
off course it may depend on the type of girl
but it is my advice for ,not go speed with your heart

Thanks for your advice, but I assure you the honeymoon stage is over. Might sound like a bad thing, but I promise what comes after is a more fulfilling and deeper love and connection!

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That's cool