I Met Him On Ep

I didn't set out to meet someone.  Neither did he.  He emailed me after he read one of my stories - I emailed him back.   The first thing that attracted him to me was his great sense of humour.

Before long we started cyber sex with each other - I loved it!  He was a wonderful, inventive and romantic lover on line.  My heart strings were tugged!

And now, two months later, we are emailing, texting and phoning each other every day!  We share our fantasies for the future.  We talk about everything in our lives.  It is the most intense emotional relationship I have ever had.

We plan to meet but we are sorting out some serious stuff in our own lives first.  Then we'll see if we can make a go of our relationship in the real world.

I was one of those who looked down on on-line relationships - what a fool I was!  On-line relationships, by their very nature, require a very high level of communication.  You can't avoid communicating by doing other things.  You HAVE to share everything through your words.   And so you really get to know the other person in much more depth than you would if you were just dating.

And we are not young - we are both 57!  But we feel like 17 year olds.  I wish everyone could experience the joyous delight of such a relationship.


Five months from when we met . . . we are happier and more exstatic about each other than ever!  We recently had our first ever meeting on real life and it was better than either of us had imagined or hoped!  We are so in tune with each other - emotionally, intellectually, sexually - in every way!

I ask myself very often how it is that I have been SO lucky!!  I wish everyone on EP could have this same magical experience . . . .

Update (March 2011) :
It is now over two years since we mety on line and next month we will celebrate outr first anniversary (one year) of living together.  Everything about our relationship is brilliant - it just gets better and better . . . .   And I still ask myself how I am so lucky. . . And I still wish EVERYONE could enjoy such a wonderful relationship.

Update (September 2013)
We are happily living together in the house we bought together.   After living together now for nearly three and a half years, our's is no longer a "new" relationship.  The initial excitement has subsided, to be replaced by a deeper and steadier sense of love and of commitment.  We know each other very well now - although we continue to learn new things!   We have a "rhythm of life" to our days that fits us both.  We have acknowledged and accommodated our differences (such as him being a night owl and me being an 'early to bed, early to rise' person) in ways that mean our lives are not disadvantaged by them.

Like all couples we don't always agree.  Our interests are not always the same.  But our arguments can probably be listed on one hand . . .   Our life together is, as we both say, so EASY!    And I would encourage everyone in difficult marriages or relationships to consider this:

Your relationship is not intended to be a battle ground.  You should NOT need to guard you statements.  You should NOT need to fear being put down or criticised.  You should NOT have a feeling of dread whenever you contemplate dealing with a difference of opinion.    None of us can expect "perfect" - because none of us IS perfect!  But we can expect to share our lives with the people we love without constant conflict, lack of respect, or other seriously negative emotions.

Neither Baz nor I would suggest our relationship is "ideal" for everyone - but it works for us.  And we work on making it work for us.  We know we are immensely fortunate - and we wish all others the same good fortune.

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I also have met a lovely woman, here on EP, late in live. We are well established in our long distance relationship now. Letting life's oppertunities guide our hearts. We presently live 8 hrs apart and finances are holding us in our present patterns, but out hearts are now together...

Hello. I am in the same boat as you were years ago. We still haven't met so we're still not sure. We both think so perfectly of each other. I am so afraid we might not meet each other's expectations. I still have to wait 9 more months cause we also have to sort things out in our lives before we meet. I want it to be him. I don't want to try another online LDR after this.

I love this story...Thank you for sharing this. How incredibly generous!

I too met and fell in love with someone I met online. The entire key to holding this and feeling it's something completely worth it ALL... is your communication.
Internet or online romance is not so difficult. You have to become friends first. Talking (typing) asking questions of all kinds. Opening yourself to be probed with your most inner thoughts. One seems to have more freedom in their feelings.It's mainly because you have learned to give more of yourself, with nothing held back. You don't see the face in front of you all shocked at what you just said. BECAUSE it's REAL and not fake.
I married my love, and after an incredible 10 years he had a severe stroke. I'm over the shock now since this was 2 years ago. However he had to be placed in an assisted living facility. I simply was not physically able to care for him on my own. He cannot speak and is paralyzed his right side. He angers quickly. Cries a lot. I am done mourning my loss ... but for a time, our DREAM did come true.

I am relocating to be with the man I fell in love with here on EP too. I am 49 (for 6 more months and he will be 45 tomorrow) I've been married twice. Him, once and neither of us have ever felt anything like this. I know I haven't ever really loved anyone before. I am a loving person but not this. What you went through with your husband is one of my biggest fears now. I don't obsess on it but it's there. I am both happy that you had 10 wonderful years and heart broken at the time that was cut short. Maybe you will have a miracle healing and your dream can continue. This is my wish for you.

Wow - just wow. I'm so glad you found happiness, love and friendship. Your story is uplifting and gives me hope. :)

Weird, this is sort of situation I've had on here as well. So glad for you both! Thank you also for the updates it really sounds like a wonderful time you two are sharing.

Wish you happy forever happy! and for others,I may give you a site,maybe you can find your true love,like this,here: afrokissing.com/

Thank you so much for updating and sharing this. I met mine on EP as well, we've been living together for two years now!

Thank you for the post! Wishing you happiness! Your experience is encouraging!

That sounds great. I love to hear about other people finding love and happiness even if it isn't considered,"perfect" by other parties. Good luck you guys and keep the great stories coming.

I am so happy for you and thank you for sharing... i needed to hear that ep relationships can and do work out!!

This is the story I have been looking for!!!!
The happy story!!!!!
It is really wonderful and refreshing to read this type of story!
Thank you so much for sharing, updates and all!

I needed to read this. Thank you.

That is fantastic! I enjoy reading stories like this, especially since it kinda hits home for me.
If you don't mind me asking how far were you in distance before you started living together?

We were living in adjoining States. Australian States are pretty big so we were nearly 600 miles apart. But as Baz has said, we were so lucky we were on the same continent and that it was possible for us to meet.

We have now been living together for over three years and it just gets better and better. I know how very fortunate I am . . .

That's a lovely story.

Wow, I hope I can find someone too,...

WOW.......you are one of the very few fortunate one......

I know - and I am very grateful.

Really wonderful! I also am looking for the love of my life on EP. lonerwriter

That is just so wonderful! Good luck to both of you!

Amazing! So happy for you both!

so happy for you - great story <br />
<br />
well done you !

So very happy for you!!!! Best wishes!!!

Uh - Huh! Met MY guy in a music share group. There I was a 50 year old; so unhappy and miserable. <br />
And wow! Sex really is better when you're older! He left everything in Montreal to come to Florida.

Awesome! Good luck!!

This is a wonderful story!<br />
I am so very happy to hear that things are working out for you.<br />
I hope you continue to have much happiness together. :)

That's so sweet.<br />
<br />
On-line is just one more avenue to meet. I have had two relationships develop from on-line contact. Neither worked out, but that wasn't because of the venue, it was because I was reaching out of co-dependency and fear.<br />
<br />
My current relationship has been all real life which has been a nice change for me, personally. It was nice to get to know someone over a long period before the romance came in. I never have done that before!

Enna i presume you are talking about Bazz. I must say i always enjoy reading both of your comments on here as i find that they are on the mark most times.<br />
<br />
I got a taste of Bazz's humor yesterday when a troll on here tried to advertise a dating site. I told her to **** off than bazz private messaged me that he was shocked that i didn't take her up on her offer. It gave me a laugh.<br />
<br />
Anyway glad to see you are both happy. <br />
<br />
Take Care

That sense of humour gets me every time I confess! He told me a joke in one of our first PMs and I've been enthralled by it ever since. We regularly joke about the young and beautiful woman waiting to hear from him just 2.8 miles away (ad on ILIASM) as we calculate she lives in te middle of our lake . . . !

So very funny....ha...ha...ha...

Thank you for your lovely and encouraging comments. I can add that we have been living together now for almost two and a half years, and it is without doubt the best relationship of my life. His too, he tells me!!

I'm so happy for you both, Enna. It gives me hope. Couldn't have happened to two kinder, wiser souls. I have no doubt, that this is a forever love.

*blush* Thank you MsDG. I'm pretty sure we have finally got this "couple" business right too - just as well, as we are both sixty!!

What a Great Story and Wonderful Beginning ! <br />
<br />
You are a wise woman an Wish You the Very Best !

Wow thys artycle really yncreases my hopes!

WOW! Congrats to the both of you. Are you two going to get married in the near future?<br />
Loved your stories, thanks for sharing..

Oh! Im so inspired as I believe I have also met the person whom I want to be with here on EP and what you said about the highest level of communication are my exact sentiments,thank you for sharing your story Im going to give it my all as he is everything I ever wanted in a man and we plan to meet in August through your story I have no fear though Im being realistic in knowing not all online relationships end like yours but call it female intuition I know mine and my EP find will.

I am a new fan... it is wonderful to hear such a great story...

Happy Anniversary! Yours is such an amazing story... I think that most on line relationships kind of fizzle out in real life! Best wishes for many more happy anniversaries!

Thanks Goldi!!

Shrek, I hope your dreams can come true. It is wonderful to know that you are so open to living a full and happy life - and that attitude will make you very attractive to women IMO!

best of luck to you.Im a 56 yearold guy who lives in victorvlle,ca,and hope someday it happens to me.People tell me that imcrazy for wanting children at my age,but they haven't lived in my body, and can't know how i think.I want to be a father and husband sooo bad.I sincerely beieve that parenthood is a very special gift given to you,by someone who truly loves you.I feelso shortchanged.

very great storey, i also joined to talk to people like myself, little did i know i would meet a man here he lives far away, in another country, we will probably never meet but we have tremendous fun teasing each other and having cyber sex, he is much younger , and i dont have a boyfriend, so i am having a love affair here, he is very romantic and very sexual, sometimes we are online for hours even with a 10 hour time difference, <br />
you are fortunate to have found love here,

I met a man online, in person a couple months ago. we have been seeing each other alot. I wasn't looking for a relationship, bc the last one I had, was my fiance who passed away 4 years ago. I have fallen in love with this man. He treats me better than anyone ever has. It's weird how I can feel this way and never wanted another relationship, but now, I want EVERYTHING with him. Neither of us has ever been married but I want to marry him, just haven't told him yet. He doesn't even know yet that I'm in love with him. I haven't even told him how I feel yet because I haven't gotten to see him for 2 weeks, we live in different cities and there are circumstances keeping him from coming to my city right now. And I don't drive outside of my city at all bc ever since I had Susac Syndrome at the beginning of this year, driving scares me. and He lives where I would have to get on the interstate and that just ain't happening. I'm lucky to even drive at all , because I AM so scared. <br />
<br />
<br />
But I'm happy for you. Finding love is great and people just don't accept online love like they should. bc I have met a terrific man online and noone has ever treated me so good. Sounds like you have too, and that's great:)

Enna this is so sweet.thanks for sharing. It does a heart good

awwww.....this is fantastic.... I know its not going to happen this way for me and my ep love but Im so pleased you have both found happiness.....

What a great story! Thanks for sharing and updating. Please update later on and tell us how you doing. I believe in online long distance relationships being possible. Happy for you :) Congradulations !

you guys are a source of inspiration for the rest of us still trying to make our way through. It is so wonderful to see and know that it is possible to get through a SM and find happiness on the other side. Thank you for sharing your story and I wish you many many more yrs of love, joy, and happiness

Thanks so much for the kind comments. I am glad to say that our lives are great! We are now well into our third year - and our second year of living together. This is truly the relationship I have always wanted, but never thought possible. And fortunately, he feels the same way!!

I am so excited for you both that you relationship is working out! I have friends that are looking for love now. I tell them not to discount anything! You guys are the perfect example. I wish you well in your future together and all the best. Thank-you for sharing your story! I enjoyed reading it. You will give hope to many!

WOW! That is so great to hear. I haven't been lucky in anything so I am glad someone is having their dreams fulfilled. I don't have anything positive going in in my life. I wish all of you love birds the best.

Thanks Sedona. If you'd like to know more, you might like to read a couple of my blogs. One is called "Playing House" and the other is "The New Normal" If you have any questions, I'm happy to PM you.

Enna, I am so happy for you! I too met someone very special on EP, and the connection is amazing. It hasnt become what you are experiencing and living.....yes, that's right! You are finally living the things you were missing in your past. Can you tell us what and how you feel, how finding this man has made your life what you dreamed it could be like. Maybe, what its like for those who are too scared to leave what they know , to become what they dream? Thanks for the inspiration! S

Enna, I am so happy for you! I too met someone very special on EP, and the connection is amazing. It hasnt become what you are experiencing and living.....yes, that's right! You are finally living the things you were missing in your past. Can you tell us what and how you feel, how finding this man has made your life what you dreamed it could be like. Maybe, what its like for those who are too scared to leave what they know , to become what they dream? Thanks for the inspiration! S

Leather, I'm so sorry your experience had such a sad outcome. The fact that some people lie about themselves is always going to spoil the chances of some to experience the happiness I have been lucky enough to enjoy.<br />
<br />
Someone asked me "how" I knew he was a "good guy" - and I really found that hard to answer! But very luckily for me he is a GREAT guy - and what he says is what he does. I know I've been incredibly lucky to "find" him . . .<br />
<br />
To those whose experiences have been as positive as mine, I wish you the same levels of happiness I now have. I could not wish anyone better than that!!

Great post!!!<br />
We met right here on EP as well.<br />
2 years later we are living together and it is better then ever!!!<br />
I never thought I would ever find someone that I clicked with so well.<br />
Your post made me really happy. <br />
Best wishes for the two of you.

Only 13 more sleeps 4PM60 . . . !!!

Sounds like we've got a carbon-copy of your relationship...<br />
<br />
You guys are an inspiration to the rest of us here. We love you enna!!!<br />
<br />
14 DAYS TO GO!!! WOO HOO!!! I really am like that kid at Xmas now :-)

I can relate. I had a relationship on line and the we met. I felt the same way at first. I wish you both many years of happiness.

Thanks Risalee! We are now living together very happily. Life is GOOD!!!

Happy for you. Have you met yet?

Oh i'm so happy for yoou! I too have met someone on ep but I fear my story might go quite differently.

I see the person deleted her comment . . .

Wow your story is sad...well I agree with enna... really if the guy started cybersexting with someone else there was something wrong from the beginning in his relationship with his wife wasn't it?

Sounds great!

I am sorry you had a sad experience with this. But you do not know anything about my circumstances and therefore your comments are only relevant to YOUR own situation.<br />
<br />
Please think carefully about why your husband felt the need to develop a new relationship on line. I do understand how upsetting this is for you - but it is important for your efforts to recover your marriage that you are honest with yourself about why he felt the need to look elsewhere . . .<br />
<br />
My best wishes to you for a happy outcome for you and your husband.

Wow really I don't know you! but your experience is great!! I've always looked down on line relationships and well now that I think about it it doesn't seem so bad hehe I think I might even try it if the ocation happens to appear!! <br />
<br />
By the way!! Con gratulations for ur first meeting with the person you love!!! hahaha

Aaahhh so inspiring!! I can only hope and wish the frogs that I kissed will turn out to be the Prince I am looking for.

I am very happy for you enna. It is easy to see why people are so drawn to you. You have a capacity for kindness and understanding that shines out on Ep and I am happy that we are friends. <br />
<br />
I too met my special someone on Ep and I agree about the level of communication that one can establish here. We spent months getting to know each other and he is such a special man. My soul mate and my best friend. Love continues to grow and we are planning on meeting soon. <br />
<br />
I did not join this site to fall in love. Just wanted advice on my life and to make friends. Life is full of wonderful surprises. And yes, it is a magical experience.<br />
<br />
Sending wishes for continued happiness to you and your love and to all of us who have found or are searching for that special someone.

Woww enna, I'm happy you two found each other and wish you the best!

I couldn't of said it better then reflections did. Always remember,,, The older the Violin the sweetier the music.<br />
You two are in my prayers<br />
Have a fun time for ever

I wish you great happiness.

Enna, I'm so very happy for you that you found someone like that! It sounds so exciting and wonderful, especially after all the difficulties we have all gone through. <br />
We can all get a little more hopeful when we see someone find happiness with a new person they met online.

Well, first off Congratulations! I hope you two are very happy.<br />
<br />
This story spoke to me particularly because I actually met my boyfriend on EP. I also looked down on online relationships but now I feel the same way you do. My boyfriend and I understand each either in a way that I have never had with anyone else. It's not love yet, but there is definitely the possibility!

You guys sound like a lucky pair. I'm happy you to found each other and wish you the best!

Enna:<br />
<br />
We all deserve to be happy. Whatever that means to you and your new found "friend" may you have it always.<br />
<br />
Be well my friend. You are a true inspiration!

I understand the sentiments you expressed in your story. We all live like islands and when somebody hops over to our own special island, and we share common interests, the results are heaven sent. You know I admire your courage and insight. There is nobody like you here on EP; so unselfish, and non-judgemental. Whomever this secret admirer is, I know he is a special man and pray for your continued happiness with each other, in words, and in spirit, til you meet.<br />
You sound like me ... you're not young ... no, we're not, but we are alive and can love, cry, sing, dance, feel joy and pain. We have the power within ourselves to see the positive in others, and reject the negativity that we live with, whether it is in the bedroom, or not. We have many facets to our personalities and you are so right, through words and conveying feelings, we have a deeper understanding of each other.<br><br><br><br><br />
<br><br><br><br><br />
May you always be blessed.... you are both in my thoughts and prayers!