He WAS the one.

Yes but unfortunately...... it only lasted 2.5 yrs of his bullshit because he was insecure of himself that lead to his constant cheating with other women ....Dave claimed that he needed to feel sexy from other women .......ya right and i did all i can to prove it to him the whole time that i was with him! Jeez now thats his lose! I left him and hes crying but no i doubt i would go back to Dave no matter how much it still hurts... i was sick of his lies and in that relationship, there was no trust at all ...which is the foundation of any relationship. As i see it now I find it very dificult to move on due to the fact that he still tries to contact me through messengers or emails... When i met Dave i gave him 100 percent of my heart and I devoted myself to Dave being his faithful wife and best friend...well that WAS then This is NOW. Times have changed, I'm no longer a fool for love. Just sad but at the same time glad that i had this experience in life for falling so hard.... 2BCONT...
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Kailash...<br />
seriously?<br />
Cheating is a conscious choice, and it doesn't happen because the partner was less than was needed. it is a problem with the cheater, not the one being cheated on..!!!!

Hey I can understand your situation, I would like to tell you something is not to focus on his mistakes but try to know his view for you, he might be guilty & got tired of facing ur questions or your body languages which could fell him to go out or tobe away from you, A noble character women always puts her efforts to get her belonging back to her & to achieve this she needs to ferget what her husband's fault is but give best to get husbands attention,it could be proper sex, it could be respect (expecting),it could be attention, being a women u might expecting a lot from him but sometimes a man also needs such kind of a thing for him to be happy.pls do not be suspecious or possasive for ur husband!!!!!!<br />
pls try n do this, i hope you will get what u need & very important thing is that The Prayer, u must pray first & then proceed, God must be involved in it.<br />
<br />
Thank You<br />
<br />
Bye <br />

I agree with trust being a fundamental part of a relationship. But in my experience I found another eliment equally important: RESPECT. I sense your lack of that now with this guy, just as I did in my relationship. Yep, no trust or respect is a relationship BUST!!