Exactly a year ago I met my soul mate on EP. Neither of us knew where our relationship would lead and when we met face to face in July of last year it was indescribable! Next week I am moving in with my sweetheart and I couldn't be happier! It is amazing how far we have come in just a year. I am grateful every day that against all odds we met and fell in love.
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I am very happy for you I wish you all the best

Thanks, Dawn!

dear friend u r so lucky .have a good future and all the best

Faith works in mysterious ways :)

Man that's amazing. Congrats. ..

Thank you got sharing. You give me hope. I met an amazing man here but it'll be over a year of online before we can meet and unclear when we can dream of sharing the same roof. Your story helps me to keep believing xx

So glad you found your special someone too! The time apart is the hardest but it makes the first meeting that much sweeter.

Wow that's wonderful. Congrats :)

That is truly amazing!

Thanks :)

Oh I wish you all the luck in the world ,, I hope I get to that stage

Thanks, sax!

yay!!!! I met my amazing fiancee last year online myself, never expected to fall deeply in love, but we did and we have stuck it out through more trials than a new love can normally withstand, so I know she's the one. we are planning to move to a new town and get married and start a new life and family next month around the date that we first told each other we were in love a year ago

I love your story, that is so sweet! Best of luck to you and your lady!


Thank you!

Good for you.
I got very close to someone I met online. We texted almost constantly.
We had organised to meet however it never happened and we drifted after that.
I'll always wonder what could have been

We were curious about one another and knew if we never met we would always wonder what was there. We both were brave enough to meet one another in person, though at that point I was already too far gone in love to turn back. When we met it was even more than either of us could have ever dreamed of. I'm sorry that yours never got as far as a first meeting. Maybe try to reconnect? You never know!

Thanks, I've tried to reconnect through various communication lines. I suspect she has moved on. ot maybe she had second thoughts about meeting. I'm glad you found happiness

Thanks pmax! I'm sure you'll find someone special too.