My Prince

My prince...the person i loved and still love..and miss a lot.

I met him in a site about phobias(heh we had the same fears..almost)...then i created an account on fb just to talk to him.(after he stopped talking i deleted my account).

I didnt see a pic from him when we were talking.after a month i did..I loved him without pic,just by his words.He was commenting in my poems in that site and then we start talking ...

miss him..but im happy if hes happy..*

annasangels annasangels
18-21, F
4 Responses May 14, 2009

I would rather say....give your life some space, some chance to surprise you.<br />
<br />
That's all. Do you know the ultimate truth of life?..It's:<br />
"life has to be loved and lived". You can do it enjoying the flow or fell tense about it.

i know..but now i think its impossible..

We r happy for u ..Flytosky.<br /> needs patience. Give it some time. If it's there in ur destiny..nobody can stop it from coming to u.

This is a cool story-if it was meant to be it may return to you one day!