I am in love with someone I met online. We met almost nine months ago and just hit it off right away. I wasn't looking for this and neither was she. Initially we were just talking but then it quickly turned into something more.

She has become the person I look forward to hearing from each day. We have never met but she knows me so well! She picks me up when I am down and makes me feel desired and sexy. We share everything and we are not afraid of being honest.

Both of us are married with kids and she lives 7,000 miles away. We fully understand the nature of our relationship but that doesn't stop us from spending time together. It's wonderful!
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This makes me smile.
Amazing what the right person can do.

glad to hear things are going well for you. maybe you will end up together. maybe you won't. maybe her encouragement will be the sport you need to improve your own situation. either way, enjoy it!

My second sexless relationship started with a online relationship !

You are due a break Brother LiW.
Don't take this as an endorsement or suggestion, but enna30 and I met on here. Became friends. Became more than friends.
This was back in 2009 as we were getting out of our respective ILIASM shitholes.
Our story ended up with us living together since April 2010, and carving out a whole new thing together.
Anyway, as I say, you seem like a real good bloke, and it is good to see you catching a break, wherever it may lead.
Tread your own path.

Awww that's nice and you are the proof that such relationships can exist! Wishing you lots of happiness and good time together. Good luck!


That's great! You deserve every bit of happiness you can find, LIW.

Thanks Kat.

From someone who has been through something similar, I will share my perspective...
As intimacy-starved as one gets in a sexless marriage, it is easy to "hit it off" with someone else in ILIASM. You are empathetic to each other's stories. The attention is a confidence booster, and as you said it picks you up when you're feeling down (which prior to this was almost all the time). The online relationship makes you feel validated, wanted, and alive. All of this is not necessarliy a "bad" thing. Your confidence increases, you start to realize you have worth.
As time passes, you might ask yourself what you really want out of life. Be honest with yourself. Is this online fling something that will sustain you long term, or is it a fantasy world? You have some very tough decisions to make.
I remember realizing that I didn't want an online relationship, I wanted a real, in the flesh, relationship with someone else who would be equally loving, dedicated, and passionate as me. That's why I had landed in ILIASM in the first place. I wanted to try and repair my marriage (or should I say, change my spouse into someone who was emotionally and physically available to me). When I realized that wasn't a possibility, I knew I had to end it. Once I ended my sm, I was free to pursue a relationship irl. I'm pretty sure you've seen some of my stories, and may know I am recognized as having one of the worst sm in ILIASM history. On the flip side, I am also recognized as having one of the most amazing oppositeland stories.
I'm not telling you all this to brag or discourage you. I want you to be aware that there are others out there who have walked in your shoes and know how painful it is, but the pain (although unbearable at times) is short-lived. Best of luck on your journey LifeinWoodinville! No matter what you choose, it still takes courage.

I am familiar with you and your stories and I appreciate you sharing your story. I don't know what will happen in the future, I know how I feel right now and I felt like sharing. I'm not trying to suggest anything to anyone other then I am happy and this is why. Thanks!

I know your challenges and I wish you the best!

You need to either leave your wife or stop talking to her. My dad did this and my mom found their conversations. It created so much hurt in our whole family. I'll never see my dad in the same way anymore. Is it really that important that you'd hurt your whole family over a fun side relationship?

Have you talked to your dad about why he did what he did? Have you considered what role your mom played in that whole situation? It's not black and white. People that are happily married don't fall into these situations. What's the old saying "If you don't get it at home you're going to go looking".

I have talked to him and he was like "I was just looking for support because I had a hard job" which I know is bullshit cause I watched my mom support him so much. She would invite his friends over when he was feeling disconnected for him, he made appointments for him when he was struggling with mental health, she would make dinner every night for him and talk to him when he was down. I watched her be so committed to him.

I know you can fall in real love online. I met someone online and we fell in love. We eventually met and flew back and forth a few times and our love only grew, but circumstances and distance have kept us apart , but no matter what life throws at us including marriages, other relationships and going a few years without contact here and there we're still in love almost 18 years later. After this long , I believe we will end up together sometime in our lifetime. Don't listen to the people that don't believe because I know you can find real love online before you meet. Good luck to you.

Thanks MsKymmi.

To be honest, you both are setting yourselves up for a lot of pain down the road. You can spend some quality time together online, and I have experienced how powerful that can be when one is living in a depriving marriage. However a quality time online is nowhere near what you can experience in a real life relationship where you can touch someone and feel them close to you. For you to get to that meaningful real-world relationship, you have to take some hard decisions on your life, which I understand you're postponing doing.
An online affair is a drug, a bandaid, that enables you to endure that heartless marriage of yours a bit longer. Which begs the question, if you are unhappy in your marriage, why preserve it?

It's wonderful isn't it ... Good luck to you both

all the best

Thanks, it is wonderful.

That's so nice for you two. I've had some online relationships too but they got interrupted due to different reasons.

what happened too those relationships why they ended?

The relationships ended either due to "incompatibiity" of visions or lifestyle.

Whom do you loved most among them

Sorry, no comment

it's ok but I can see your love story from your stories

But you still don't know which relationship got interrupted and I sure won't value my relationships publicly.

Ok buddy if you wish to say pm me. nice to meet you

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