Well Sax is on her way back to England today.... It was a wonderful couple of weeks together and we are ready for the next visit. Today's airport experience was not without a bit of excitement. While unloading the luggage from the rental car at the airport I apparently dropped them and they were kicked under the car next to us. Could not find keys Frick it I'm searching and did not hear Sax say she would go inside for a minute well she disappeared and I'm looking around like a crazy person went upstairs to check in a couple of times. Ok found her and went over to check in and then to the security check line. As she slowly went in line I put her phone to the wireless at the airport so we could communicate when she was at her gate. Had one last picture together lol the guy I asked to take it looked at my 35mm like what is this he kept trying to focus the lens and I had to tell him it was auto focus. We said our until the next time and she was gone. Oh yes the keys it wasn't until I went to leave the airport I found them.... Whew! I waited until her plane was in the air before I left. I sure will be glad when that day comes and the ticket is one way! Now I'm awaiting for her plane to land at Heathrow to hear from her again..
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You two make me happy. Thank you both for sharing your journey. Glad she is safe. Glad you found keys. Glad you both had a great vacation. You two are in my thoughts and prayers

It warms my heart to read your love story.

Just: yay! (For together time)
Ok, and *bummer* on the so far apart losing keys etc
Yay for finding the dang things again!
Thank you both for sharing your little ray of sunshine of a story with us all. You both rock to put it out there where we can maybe learn a thing or two. Happy trails, both!

Thank you GG 😘

Very happy you two had a wonderful time. :o)

Thank you Sir

*looks around* ... Sir? Where? .....


So sweet of you to share. πŸ’•πŸ’•

You're very welcome tssunshine and thank you for stopping bye.

Glad you guys had a good visit and safe trip home!!:)

Thank you ravenwind my lady Sax is now home safe on English soil

I'm just so happy to read this!!! I can't wait until the day I read about that one way ticket too!!! She is an amazing woman! And you Corky must be just as amazing to be doing this. So many people can't handle the distance thing I can only image how sad it can be but how much more joyous each meeting will be!!!! Yay!!

Well we still have many things to accomplish in both our lives but we take it one day at a time both the good and the bad.

Fabulous accounting of memorable times where hearts are out on the sleeve! Thank you kindly for sharing such a publicly personal moment in time and those things that happen to remind that all things have a balance to keep us rooted to reality πŸ’ž

Thank you storyteller for your kind words.. We have realized for some time many people here on EP look at what we are doing creating and living by our sharing things we do. This is very humbling and awesome at he same time knowing and seeing how just maybe we can make a difference here hence the purpose for this profile.

Thank you ST

Saxy's a great gal that's had a rough time. I'm glad you guys met!!!

Yes and we continue working forward each day together and in our personal lives helping and inspiring each oither. Thank you for stopping by milesne...

Oh, what a clusterf-ck! But I'm glad it got straightened out. And I'm glad you two had time together.

As Rosanne Rosannadanna would say "it always something". Thank you Kat for stopping by..