so I've been talking to this girl for almost 10 years I met online. I'm from California, she lives there, I'm moving back there soon, n were finally meeting. girls, I need some opinions, if you haven't been banged in Y E A R S, wouldn't u b at least a little open w a handsome looking guy flying out to just see you??????
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Do not go for sex first if you want to keep this relationship. You have time to work toward that if you are moving there. Show her respect and you will see things evolve organically

Nope I wouldn't

cool story *****

Hell yes

tell her that

I personally wouldn't but i am not said girl so yeah

I've got the straight edge!!!

What? Are you trying to make a joke or.......

it's a line from a straight edge punk band minor threat, u must be new here..

I am just into the lifestyle not the music but i have listened to the band before. Sorry.

what do u listen to then??? youth of today?? ssd??? gorilla biscuits?? what

Try more all time low, as it is, black veil brides, of mice and men, the warped tour bands

le sigh....u need better music in your life

Everyone likes what they like i am open to trying new music.

Also a lot of people poke fun at it so i just never know

I don't judge, but sex is a must for me.

Im a virgin, and usually sexual situations cause me to have panic attacks. If I'm head over heals for someone then i dont freak out as much

u need better music taste in ur life

Everyone has their personal tastes

well can I kindly suggest much better bands for u then

You can suggest ones you like. But better is a matter of opinion

this is the Lord christ almighty talking

Excuse me I'm Satan's second in command.

aka Lucifer almighty n satan doesn't condone straight edge Ness I can tell ya rn

Its funny because my friend who i cal satan is also a straightedge

he's just an imposter I myself have gone to rehab n tried everything but crack cocaine

Its your life not mine i don't pass judgement as long as you are happy and only hurting yourself. And satan is a woman, who could kill me in 5 seconds if she wanted to shes scary as ****

I've banged her a few times, she's hot af

Unlikely but i agree she is hot af

it's OK no need to disagree, but there's tons of sxe hc bands I know you'd like

Alright well pm me?

it says I cannot message this member

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Um no, I wouldn't sleep with someone I just met. You are certainly handsome, but that wouldn't make me go against my morals.

I hope all goes well with meeting her though. Cali is fun enough for you two to just hang for awhile.

I've met girls with ur exact moral mind set n I end up sleeping w em, jus saying

Lol well lucky you. But if I was going to hookup with a hot guy I don't know well yet, I could've been did. Your confidence admirable though. :D

one must have confidence in one self because if you font, who else will for you??" that's my real personal quote

nope. i wouldn't easily let the guy banged me. that's sweet. but there?s more to expressing your love than sex