less than 20 days im meeting this girl ive been talking to online for 10 years, we got a hot date at a metal show in LA, i got a hotel room but idk if shell crash there w me, hope she does sleep w me one night...
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Good luck, you'll be all right.

I met the girl I've been talking with since I was 12 a few months back. It was amazing and we look forward to a future together. Hope you two have an awesome time!

u meet her yet? im sure we will thankx

Yeah we were online friends for almost 11 years and she came down to visit my sister and I. Best decision we've made :). I is truly special what her and I have!


you waited a long time rather she made you wait for a long time lol, now bed her along with you and have some fun bud !

ive lived out of state most of the time weve been n contact but im very excited to meet her

make it extra special then xx

i plan to, i plan to mpve back in her area next year if all goes well

hood luck! sounds like a fun night either way!

80s metal ftw